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Hi everybody,

Some days are really strange to me: I get to do the perfect makeup, strike the perfect pose, and have the perfect hair. Now, for makeup I can do them well almost every time. The poses almost work well most times. But the hair is still a mystique: it seems to have its own brain or something. Even when I use the same products, my hair behaves differently each and every day. And it likes to taunt me, as well: I almost never get nice hair when I need to look put together. Talking about frustration, right?

So when a perfect day happened, you bet I took pictures to show. A boat load of it, to be precise.

Le makeup
Guess what I used on my eyes!
(Will blog about it on another day, this is too good to pass!)

And now, le cheveaux!

Seriously, I did this!

A closer look at the style

I made a hair bump on the front and tied it down with two clips. To be honest, the clips are not the most glamorous things I can use but it does not hurt my hair so badly as the other more pretty ones. Then, I did a simple updo using an old hair tie that I bought some years back. (Remember kids, don't throw away your pretty hair thingies, even when you cut your hair really short! You simply never know when you'll want to grow your hair back!)

To do this, first you tie your hair in a pony tail with the elastic (the rose hair thingy has an elastic band attached to it.) Then, you gently pull the elastic band out to make it a bit loser. Using your finger, split the hair before the elastic into two parts and make a hole. Then put the rest of the hair that hangs out inside that hole and makes sure none of them falls out of the hole. Fix the rose so it centers your hair.

And voila, you got a chic hair updo!
It took me a lot of work to have some decent photos of the hair. I know my direction is almost next to no good but as soon as I find a decent video clip online, I'll let everybody know. This is a really easy hairstyle.

I try to find a video for the hair and since I don't know what this look is called, I can't find one T_T. If you know the name of this updo style, please let me know.

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