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Oak leaves used in bathing water for deodorant. It is relaxing and provides freshness to body.

Oatmeal is cleansing and soothing meal. It is useful for cleansing of skin or in face masks.

Olive Oil:
It is a vegetable oil Used in nourishing creams. Olive oil is useful in massaging for smooth and relaxing skin.

Onion is an antiseptic. Onion is useful for washing face to prevent blemishes. Onion mixed with honey makes a great anti – wrinkle cream.

Orange is rich in vitamin C. Orange juice is used as skin tonic and for making masks. Orange flowers are useful for fragrant water bath. This helps in preventing body odor. Also, extract of orange flowers in used in creams and tonics.
Dried Orange peel is useful in making face masks and facial scrubs. It is also used in tooth powders.


Papaya pulp is useful for cleansing and softening of the skin. It removes all the dead cells of skin.

Parsley is tonic for the urinary system. Parsley is useful for purifying the breath.

It is useful for moisturizing, nourishing and perfuming the skin. It is useful for making face masks for dry skins.

Peppermint provides tightening and stimulating effect in skin tonics and face masks.

Petroleum Jelly:
It is a lubricating jelly used in cleansing creams and hand creams.

Pine is used in bath to refresh and soothe aching muscles. Pine oil can also add to the bath.

Plum is useful in cleansing of skin. Also used in masks, tonics and creams.

Potato has cleansing properties. It clears the skin. Using thin slice of potatoes on eyes can reduce puffiness and dark circles around the eyes.


Raspberries has cleansing properties. Use crushed fruit in face masks. Juice of raspberries prevents blemishes on skin.

Rose is use as fragrant in various masks, creams, lotions and tonics. Rose is rich in Vitamin E, which nourishes skin.
Rose oil
is highly aromatic essential oil used in cosmetics.
water is scented water made from rose petals, used widely in skin tonics, face mask and creams.

Rosemary has valuable medicinal properties. Rosemary is used in various tonics for heart, liver and it reduces High blood pressure. It is useful in treatment of nerves, digestive disorder and menstrual pains. Rosemary is used in lotions also, rosemary oil cures headache. Rosemary with honey cures coughing. Rosemary is a tonic for scalp and skin. Rosemary reduces skin wrinkles. Rosemary leaves and flowers when boiled in water make a good face wash. Regular washing of face with this solution keeps you young forever.

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