A Simple Half Updo for You

Hi ladies,

Last week, I was playing around with my hair and came up with this half updo style that’s easy to do. Now, when I said “easy”, I really mean it. When it comes to hair, I have a lot to learn. Fancy hairstyles and I do not mix and I was more than delighted to do something with my hair that does not fall down.

My half updo style

This look is quite simple: you only need a headband and a butterfly clip for your hair. A cute flower or a tiara can replace the headband if you’re into that kind of thing. This look is suitable for parties or even weddings.

How to get this style:
  • Before blow-drying my hair, I sleeked a dollop of hair gel to my damp hair. I used Le Baby hair gel for this experimentation. Then, I just blow-dry it as usual.
  • After my hair was dry, I sectioned and rolled them with the sponge hair rollers because I did not want to use any more heat on my hair. If you have the heated hair rollers, please feel free to use it as it speeds up the process a lot more.
  • After watching about 2 episodes of CSI, I took out the sponge rollers, flipped my hair upside down, and sprayed the fresh curls with a generous amount of hairspray. Then, I flipped my hair back up and spray more hairspray on top. This will keep the curls lasting a lot longer.
  • I arbitrarily sectioned the hair into two uneven parts; then grabbed the top part near the nape of my neck and twisted it upward in one turn. I quickly snap the butterfly clip on the twist and let go. This will create something that resembles an updo while you still have some hair hanging down your back.
  • Finally, to decorate my hair I put the headband on et voila, Blair Waldorf can envy moi!
Some closeup shots at ze hair:

The bang: I also rolled it up but did not keep it as long

How I look at the front
Please excuse my naked face, I just played around with my hair before going to sleep :)

Some other suggestions for this half up, half down look:

As this was my first effort to do the half updo, I have to admit it has a lot of rooms for improvement. If I were to do it again, I would:
  • Get a better-looking hair clip: this clip was what I had nearby so I used it. There are other beautiful butterfly clips out there and I will get one.
  • Use pins instead of clips, then add a flower: this will look great for a bridal look. On top of that, you can do it by yourself.
  • Use a strand of pearls instead of a headband: it will look really dreamy and bridal-y :)
  • Or just forgo the headband all together and put a flower on my hair instead.
That’s all, folks! What do you think? I hope you enjoy this look and you may even see it again in a different form in the future.


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