Bargain Finding: L.A ColorsExpressions Liquid Eyeliner

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Perhaps the greatest comment I’ve ever received is from The Muse. She wrote, “Geeze, you treated dollar store makeup as if they’re Chanel!” The thing is my neighborhood dollar store does offer a wide variety of makeup for a dollar apiece. However, to get a good deal is a matter of luck. Sometimes, I got something so good that when I ran to hoard some more, they were all gone.

Among the usual suspects at the dollar store makeup isle, L.A Colors tend to me the dominant player. I once bought a palette from L.A Colors after hearing raves from Pursebuzz but it failed miserably. It was chalky and the pigmentation was almost non-existence. For a while, I did not buy anything from that brand and almost lay off Dollar Store makeup shopping altogether. Then, a very traumatic event happened.

I ran out of black eyeliner!

While waiting for MAC fluidline to come, my faithful Revlon pencil liner decided to retire. I don’t blame it: the thing was a freebie and has been working for years now. While I try to salvage the pencil, I realized it’s time to let it go. The last time I went shopping for an eyeliner, everything was $5 and below. Now, to get a replacement of my Revlon, I would have spent some dollars higher while waiting for the fluidline to come.

LA Colors Expressions Liquid Eyeliner in Black Brown
Cost: 1 dollar!

This LA Colors eyeliner came to me as a surprise: it actually works! I fully expected it to smear and smudge like any cheap liner would do. Yet, it does not. The thing stayed true and true the whole time I applied it and abused myself under the humid sun of the South. It either fades or moves during the time I used. Amazing, right?

The liner out of the packaging
I like the sleek black look :)

This eyeliner has such a long handle that it feels comfortable in my hand. The tip is similar to MAC gel liner, which is not a felt tip. While I was hoping for the felt tip version, which is easier to maneuver, this brush tip is not so bad. In fact, I can trace a thin line on my lash line. Also, retracing is not as difficult when you want to create a thicker line.

It has a thin brush tip like MAC liquid liner

I drew a fish on my hand :)
It was not that difficult to draw at all!

LA Colors liquid liner is easy to remove with soap and water. It comes piling out looking like tiny globs instead of a smear of color the way other liquid liner does. Perhaps PVP contribute to the piling factor?
Ingredients: water, PVP, glyceryl stearate, PEG-100 stearate, polysorbate 20, Candelilla cera, carnauba, magnesium aluminum silicate, propylparaben, methylparaben.
May contain: iron oxides, ferric ferrocyanide, fragrance.
At a dollar a pop, LA Colors liquid eyeliner is a gem. While it leaves room for improvement, I think this is a fine product. However, liquid eyeliner is not for novice, as it requires a steady hand. If they sell LA Colors at your local dollar store, I suggest you to get one of their liquid liners to play with. After all, you can return the product and it only costs a dollar to try.


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