Q-tips Vanity Pack: When Cotton Buds Go Cute!

Hello, my lovelies!

Recently, I got an opportunity to test out some cute stuff from Q-tips. Seriously, this is a challenge: I can ramble up and down the block about makeup brushes, sunscreen, and mineral foundation but what can I say about Q-tips? And what’s so cute about Q-tips anyways? They’re just cotton buds for those in the U.K, or cotton swabs for those in the U.S. This is hard, y’all!

Remember those boxes of cotton swabs that have 1000 cotton buds inside? Those that you do not dare to put out for people to see? Those that got mangy and ugly once you reach to the end of the box? Remember them? Well, I do! Because I have this cousin who is so conscious of her Q-tips that that she actually put her them (and the cotton balls) in pretty crystal jars. And what did I do? I stuffed them in some hidden place that you need a map to find!

Enters Q-Tips Vanity Pack

But I say “no more” to hiding my Q-tips! Turned out Q-tips hired a new stylist and got a makeover. Now, instead of stuffing them in a giant box, Q-tips -the company, not the cotton swabs- packaged the swabs in nice boxes that you can proudly display on your vanity. And they come in 4 different designs to match your décor. Now, pray tell Q-tips, who’s the stylist behind this makeover? Did you hire Tim Gunn? Or was he Nick Berkuss? Or did you hire both of ‘em?

Now, let’s see:

Cute designs to match my décor: check!

Box that I can reuse once I run out of Q-tips: check!
More cotton on the buds: check!
100% biodegradable: check!

This is a major brownie point for me since the main reason I did not use cotton buds is they have plastic handles. Imagine tossing out thousands of cotton swabs per year per person, that’s going to be some big landfills out there!

Mr. Q-tips in his new habitat. He's quite happy living next to his new neighbors, Mr. Neutrogena, Ms. Cetaphil, and Mr. Chi hand soap.

For those who wonder what’s the relevance of Q-tips to makeup, let me tell you there’s plenty. You can use Q-tips to:
  • Fix your eyeliner: if you line your lashes a bit heavier than usual, a Q-tip can take the extra liner away.
  • Fix your mascara: smudgy mascara be gone! With a Q-tip, you can remove the smudges faster than Harry Potter say “Expelliarmus!”
  • Smudge your eyeliner for a sexy smokey-eyed look: yup, you don’t need the 219 pencil brush to get that smudged out look. A Q-tip will do just fine, although it may be a bit harder to smudge. Many makeup artists out there have been using the Q-tips for this purpose, Kevyn Aucoin included.
  • Apply pigments to your face: believe it or not, Q-tips hold pigments pretty well and when you do not have brushes around, they will be good replacements.
The new Q-tips Vanity Pack is sold at $3.19 a piece (suggested retail price) and contains 285 cotton swabs inside (that’s a life-time supply for me as I don’t use them as much!). The box also comes with a warning of not putting the cotton swabs deep into your ear canal. However, you can use them to clean the gunk on the surface and behind your ears (and you should, because most of us neglect cleaning our ears anyways!) Recently, I saw them at Target and it seems like they are hot items. Now, can somebody do some makeovers on those tissue boxes, please?

That's all for today, folks! I hope you're having a wonderful day and as always, stay gorgeous!


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