My Pretty Pink Box: Genius Idea in a Box!

Hi everybody,

As much as I dislike the word “recessionista”, I’ve come to the acceptance that hauling is out of the question for me these days. Then along came Linda from My Pretty Pink Box, who’s a follower of this blog (hi, girl!) I have to admit she had this genius idea of gathering some samples and full size products, then putting them in boxes and selling them at a price that’s cheaper than a MAC lipstick. How awesome is that?

My pretty pink box on top of the Wok and Stir-Fry book
Now, mixing makeup and food is a combination I would not want to miss!

The thing is, MPPB is not easy to order. I was aware of it in May but by the time I logged into the Internet, all boxes were sold out! They just basically flew off the self (or Linda’s house) within 10-15 minutes of being available for purchase. (Now, that’s a business I want to put my hands on!) After stalking some websites and forums, I realized why it happened: some ladies out there decided not to go to sleep so they could jump in and order some boxes as soon as they were available. This sounds like the day after Thanksgiving at Best Buy to me!

The box being opened :)

This time around, I was extremely lucky to nab a box before they all ran out. I could not believe my eyes to see that the boxes were still available! Seriously, I almost threw my laptop away and did a sing and dance right in the open air. Linda shipped really fast: I got it within 3 days from the West Coast to the South. Inside, I got 8 items to play with:

The items
Descriptions come after the jump!

Le Baby hair gel: it’s a light holding hair gel that does not contain harsh chemicals and labeled as a “chemical free, fragrance free hair gel”. In my opinion, the “chemical free” part is misleading, actually. There’s nothing called chemical-free in this world. Even the air we breathe has chemicals: oxygen, nitrogen, water vapors, and a whole bunch of other pollutants. That’s my pet peeves since I have a strong chemistry background and the definition of “chemical” is different in my world. Otherwise, it’s a good product.

Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Renewal oil: after reading the label and saw it has SD alcohol, I thought this product would bring havoc to my skin. Also, it’s oil and my hair is already oily. “This wouldn’t work,” I thought. Au contraire, mon amour! This soy renewal oil works quite well with Le Baby to keep my hair moisturize and my skin did not break out. Also, the fragrance is very light, almost unnoticeable.

Green by Nature Peppermint lip gloss: this gloss tastes sweet and stings like a bee! It does not feel heavy or goopy but shines like a piece of glass. While yours truly is no fan of makeup that hurts, I got those Angelina Jolie lips without paying for Restylane.

Rosalyn Scents Light and Sweet body spray: it smells a whole lot like my favorite Philosophy Inner Grace perfume but in an oil form. The scent is headier than Inner Grace but does not last as long. However, the healing effect is the same and I got a smile on my face after spraying it.

Adorned with Grace Minerals eyeshadow pigment samples: I got 3 colors from the spring collection and plan to use them for…(I can’t tell you just yet!)

Silk Naturals eyeshadow in Smile and lip gloss in Spring Fling: I am wondering if the eyeshadow is a full size or (a) my pod was leaked during transportation, or (b) SN decreased the amount of product in their jars. It’s about ½ of what I used to receive from SN, serious. The lipgloss is cute and moisturizing as it’s always been.

Julie Hewitt lip liner in Femme Noire: this is a red liner that’s really soft and moisturizing. I’ve been lining it all over my lips like a lipstick and the color is amazing!

Also, I got various coupons and discounts for future purchases at some websites.

If I remember correctly, the price of the June pink box was $12.99 and with shipping, it came to a bit over $15 USD. I’m sure a department store eyeshadow would cost me more and I would only get one item. With MPPB, I got 8 items to play with and they all came from reputable vendors. In some other boxes, Linda even put jewelry inside! I was not fortunate enough to get one of those but that’s fine, the stuff I have are really nice.

The next round of MPPB is not available until August 3rd but Linda has a partner box on July 8th. And my birthday is coming!

If you've had a pink box before, please share with me your experience. I really love this idea and the products as well!

Take care, everybody! And as always, stay gorgeous!


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