3 Ways to Rock Your Lip Stains

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This season, lip stains are back in the game and they are better than ever! MAC’s latest limited edition “A Rose Romance” consists of three lip stains while Cover Girl released their Outlast lipstains last year. Compared to lipsticks and glosses, lip stains are lightweight and long lasting. Unlike the ones in the past, the current renditions of lip stains are comfortable to wear thank to water attracting ingredients such as glycerin and sodium hyaluronate.

Lip stains are versatile and can be combined with lipsticks and lip glosses to enhance their colors and prolong wearing time. For those who fear of the disappearing act their lipsticks pull after lunch or dinner, fear no more, my friends! Lip stains are here to save the day!

Top-bottom: MAC see thru lip colour in Loving Touch (A Rose Romance collection), Cover Girl Outlast Lipstain in Tenderbloom Kiss, and MAC see thru lip colour in Not so Shy! (Emanuel Ungaro collection).

With your favorite lipsticks, and glosses, I am going to show you three ways to have fun with your new lip stains. Ready, set, go!

1. With lip gloss

Although we can wear lip stains by themselves, they lack the glossiness that we love in lip glosses and sometimes in high shine lipsticks. By coupling with your favorite lip gloss, you now have both shine and long lasting color.

I like to wear Loving Touch lip stain with my favorite lipglass Sugar Trance from Fafi collection. Since these two colors are similar to each other, they make my lips look so glossy and full.

If you do not have a lip glass that complements your lip stain, do not fret! Your clear lip gloss works just fine to add shine to your lips. You can eat, drink, and gossip until the wee hour without having the lipless look.

2. With lipstick

When I was a kid, my mom always told me the horror of the vanishing lipsticks. Mom used to say, “Remember to layer your lipsticks, use two colors, blot the first color first before applying the second one! That way you don’t miss out anything because you don’t have to go to the bathroom to reapply your lipstick!”

Well, I have to admit, my mom was right! After many years of absorbing such wisdom, I never really used it because I do not like lipstick that much. The ones in the old days were drying and waxy while the colors were not so flattering. Now, most lipsticks out there are more moisturizing but unless you use long lasting lipsticks, they do not last after lunch. The pearl of wisdom my mom told me to prolong her lipstick staying power is very simple: by blotting off the first layer, she creates a stain that binds to her lips. When the top layer washes off, the stain remains.

Of course, I can do like my mother told me but (a) I do not like lipstick that much and (b) I’m lazy and I don’t like to blot. So here comes the lip stain!

I layer Plink! lipstick on top of Everbloom Kiss lip stain, Drew Barrymore’s color in the ads. So far, this is a winning combo to me as the lip stain is comfortable to wear and the lipstick is moisturizing and shiny. The lasting power is amazing! One day, I wore this combo to have some pizza with my friend. After an intense session of pizza chomping and talking, my lips still had some color on. Of course, the lipstick wore off by the third slice of pizza but the stain remained. I definitely use this technique whenever I go to a party.

3. With both lipstick and lip gloss

All right, are you ready for this? I’m saving the best for last, ladies. This technique I discovered with serendipity and it makes my lips look a lot fuller and juicier. When the Ungaro LE came out, I got Pure Rose lipstick that I had a hard time to use. The color is really pale and unless purposely I want to look ghastly, that lipstick does not get a lot of use out of it, which is a shame since it is a nice color. So, one day I decided to make it work and played around with a whole bunch of things. The result was in some ways, amazing!

After applying Pure Rose lipstick, I drawed Not so Shy! lip stain in a heart shape on the Cupid bow of my upper lip and an invert triangle on my lower lip. The colors may look obvious now, so I need a lip gloss to even things out.

Then I apply the clear lipgloss over the areas that I applied the lip stain to blend it into my lipstick. The result is a darker shade at the center of my lips. This way, your lips do not look too overdone with lip gloss but a whole lot fuller thanks to the lip stain.

Sorry for the late post today, ladies! The maintenance guy came and fix the AC unit in the house and it took some hours. After that, I had to vacuum and clean the house a bit to make it look more presentable. Also, thank you so much for all of your wishes yesterday. I am so touched!


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