MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack and New Use of an Old Brush

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Happy Monday! As you already knew, this year I got myself some really cool birthday gifts from MAC, thanked to the sumo sale. After many years of applying makeup to my face, I resisted the power of MAC fluidline and bought some cheap gel liners instead. The results were sub-par because I have deep set eyes and oily eyelids. Most liners out there, whether they are powder, pencil, gel, or liquid, do crease a lot. I guess if any company out there want to test smudge-proof eyeliners, I am the perfect candidate.

It's antagonizing for me to have to find a good gel liner all the time. And after some rounds, I got tired. The Jane be pure mineral liner turned out to crease a lot while the Coastal Scent one is dried up like a raisin in the sun. Money I could have spent on a fluidline instead. So, with the mentality of "life is too short for imitations", I ordered Blacktrack.

Blacktrack in a box

Naked Blacktrack :)

Upside down Blacktrack

If you look from the drugstore product's perspective, Blacktrack is a couple dollar more expensive than a jar of HiP liner. If you look from a department store liner's side, Blacktrack is really cheaper than a lot of gel liners out there. Without the sale, a jar of fluidline costs $15 USD. The 25% off sale just sweeten it a little bit.

To me, Blacktrack is what it is supposed to be, plus a bit more. It is easier to maneuver than other gel liners I've tried (the one from Bobbi Brown included.) The pigmentation is perfect: Blacktrack is an intense true black liner and a little bit of fluidline does go a long way. I love the glossy finish a lot: I guess gel liners look more glamorous this way. To me, this gel liner lives up to its hype and I'm glad to have bought it.

The only concern I have is the creasiness: it does smudge a bit after a long day. However, I did not have severe raccoon eyes and it only happened during those 100+ degree Fahrenheit days. And don't forget I live in the South, where humidity and heat is high during this time of the year.

New Use of an Old Brush

American Painter 4500 Filbert brush #6

I remember mentioning about this taklon Filbert brush from American Painter when I wrote about my brushes. Although it's a nice brush, I did not find a lot of uses for it until one day I realize Bobbi Brown uses something similar as a gel liner brush. It's an "ah-ha" moment right there for me!

Close-up of this brush

"So, did it work?" you may ask.

Yes, my dear friend, it did. And very well, indeed! If I load up a tiny bit of fluidline, it gives me a nice small line. However, if I put a truckload of gel liner on it, I can get Amy Winehouse-esque winged liner as well. And this brush is really easy to clean.

Nice liner, right?

Semi-close eye

I used eyeshadows from the Summer LE of Adorned with Grace minerals. They are so pigmented and apply as smooth as butta! If you like this eye look, please let me know. I'll check the names and post the directions for you.

That's all for today! I hope you're having a wonderful week ahead.


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