The Sure Thing Palette Revisited: a Zany FOTD

Hi ladies,

Happy Monday! I hope you had a nice weekend, now you're fully charged and ready for the new week. Recently, I've been going through my makeup stash and realized there are some certain items that do not get to see the daylight as much. Now, there's nothing wrong with them since I only picked the things I want to use. It's just that my taste changes from time to time and the ones that are underutilized may just sit there because of me. The Too Faced Sure Thing mini palette is among one of the unfortunates, I should say, as I used it maybe 2, 3 times in the past and that was it! Again, there's nothing wrong with this palette (well yeah, like low pigmentation on the eye shadows and not shimmery enough), it's just that I do not really pay attention to it. This palette has a love-hate relationship with me until I got my new AMM brush, aka MAC 217 dupe, and all things got a whole lot better!

Remember this palette?
Review is here

Inside the palette, it has everything I need!

And here comes the look:
More details right after the jump!

The one thing I love about the Sure Thing palette is it has everything: eye shadows, blush, and two lip colors. While the eye colors lack pigments and have fall outs like snow in South Dakota in December, the colors actually are not that bad when applied with my beloved AMM (or your beloved MAC 217 brush). And the colors actually work together quite well, I have to admit. The one thing I really impress is the blush: it is so soft, pigmented, and awesome! Overall, this palette works well with all the colors together.


The schematic for the visual learners
Green, yellow, brown refers to the eye shadows in the Sure Thing Palette

Play by play report on how to wing the eyes:
  • Apply brown to your eyelid using MAC 217 brush. Then using the same brush, apply green e/s to the outer corner of your eyes and half-way into the crease. Using your blending brush such as MAC 222, blend green and brown together in the crease area. Using the same brush, apply yellow to the inner corner of your eye until it meets the green e/s. Finally, highlight with yellow e/s of the palette using the same blending brush;
  • Line your eyes with Teddy eye kohl or any brown eyeliner;
  • Curl your lashes and apply mascara.
The eye should look like this, sans liner and mascara.

Open eye

Cheeks: I used the blush in the palette and applied with a blush brush like MAC 139.

Lips: I used the lighter lip color in the palette and applied with a lip brush. Then, to make my lips super-shiny, I applied a drop of clear lip gloss to the center of my lips.

Face: I rarely put what I use on my skin, foundation and such, because I am lazy. However, if you're wondering what I use and have the same skin tone, here's the scoop:
  • Primer: Start to Finish Sunlight from Everyday Minerals;
  • Foundation: my own mix from Silk Naturals. I should switch to Adorned with Grace foundation already since Silk Naturals foundation does not give me such a smooth look anymore. My AwG shade is Grace 3.5, by the way;
  • Finishing powder: Natural Reflections Fair from EDM.
There's a reason I called this a zany look: I rarely wear green eye shadows! If you've noticed the number of FOTDs I've done, you realize I do not wear green that much. Pairing green with brown is the last thing on earth I would have think of but they work very well together! The look is not really bright, thanks to the low pigmentation and lack of shimmer from the palette, and I think it would make a great casual Friday look.

Now, about the hair: I do not curl my hair that often, maybe once or twice a month because I'm not so good with hair. This time the curls were great, they lasted for 3 days! So I hope you enjoy my curly hair :)

Take care, everyone! I hope you're having a wonderful week ahead!

Be gorgeous,
Your Makeup Blogger, ex-oh, ex-oh

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