Another Award!

Hi everybody!

How are you doing today? I've got some good news for y'all: the fabulous Ms. Kia from Yummy411 just handed me a Sexy Blogger Award! How cool is that? Thank you so much Ms. Yummy, you are so kind!

The rule is simple: List 5 things that are sexy about yourself and then tag 5...

  1. My lips are nice, they are the part of my face that I spend less time applying makeup;
  2. My skin: it's been behaving well lately and I think good skin is really sexy;
  3. My smile: I smile like my mom so there's a plus for that;
  4. My dancing and cooking during the weekend: I like to crank up the music when I cook to get some fun and cardio exercises at the same time;
  5. My way of saving money: saving money is sexy, don't you agree? (I know it's a lame one but I ran out of G-rated items to say :p)

Now, if I haven't tagged you before or you haven't done this tag then... TAG, you're it! Yeah, fabulous one, you're now a sexy blogger! Please go ahead and spread the sexiness across the internet!

But wait, we're not done yet! Sephora is having a 15% off discount until April 21st when you use this code: BD2T9CB5. Or you can click here to print out the coupon before going to a Sephora store. It's for Beauty Insiders only so go ahead and apply for it! The service is free and you get a gift on your birthday as well.That's all for today, ladies! I hope you're having a wonderful weekend and as always, stay gorgeous!

With love,
Your Makeup Blogger

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