Oh Happy April Fool's Day!

Hi ladies and gents,

Happy April Fool's Day! I hope you're having a good day pulling pranks on people and not the other way around. Even if people are pulling your legs, you make sure to be a good sport and pull harder jokes on them, alright? Now, that's the spirit!

Years ago when I was in high school, we used to write sappy letters confessing our "love" to some guys in class. Of course, the dorks were so happy to have some secret admirers that they forgot the date the letters were written! Some of them even waited outside of school to meet their secret admirers, haha! Then finally, the day after April's fool day, my friend and I felt so bad that we confessed our sin to the victims. They were shocked and baffled, some even said, "Why did you do that?" before we mentioned the date in the letters!

Then recently, some folks in another department decided to foil the whole office of their professor just because they can. Let's put it this way: after the above mentioned prof walked in the office, he let out some screams and some choiced curse words. Then after that, he trusted nobody on the keys to his office. That was a fun prank but lots of aluminum foil was wasted.

So how about me and my makeup on April fool's day? Well, I have something for y'all and it's called...

...Chicken poop!

Rumor has it, this brand called Chicken Poop has some seriously good lip balms! I saw them at my local health food store and a balm costs around 3 dollars. The website is groovy as well! If you're grossed out, there's no poop in a Chicken Poop lip balm at all!

Now, I dare you to put that Chicken Poop on your lips. I dare you!

And yup, there will be one Chicken Poop lip junk review in the future. You just wait for it! (And now I can't stop saying "Chicken Poop", darn you Chicken Poop!)

Take care, and now go pull some pranks, break some legs!

Your Makeup Blogger

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