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How are you doing today? Once in a while, I hit an experimentation stage when I just do 2,3 eye looks a day to see how things go. Owning the 88 matte palette from Coastal Scents allows me to experiment with different colors and today's post is about one good eye look. Since applying only eye makeup is faster than doing the whole face, I got more looks this way as well.

The reason I call this EOTD (eye of the day) look "Butterfly" is because it reminds me of some beautiful butterflies painted in some fairy tale cartoons like Cinderella or Peter Pan. Those butterflies are colorful, luminous, and fancy, which are hard to find in real life. With each movement, the butterfly creates a different array of colors and in this attempt, I decided to create that effect on my eyes and make this look wearable at the same time.

Here's the look with different shades of blue and green

The schematic is explained after the jump!

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The colors are numbered as located in the above picture

To get this look, you need 3 brushes: Coastal Scents synthetic eyeshadow brush (or your MAC 239), a blending brush, and a liner brush.
  • Apply color #1 (a shimmery cobalt blue) to the inner corner of your eyes to 1/2 of your eyelid using the synthetic eyeshadow brush;
  • Using the same brush, apply color #2 (a matte soft inky blue) to from the eye's outer corner to meet color #1, then blend the area in the middle together to create a seamless array of blue colors;
  • Using the blending brush, contour color #3 (a fresh green) from the outer corner of your eyes to halfway through the crease;
  • Pick up color #4 (a sunny yellow) and apply from inner corner of your eyes to meet color #3, then blend the middle area together to create a lighter green.
  • Use color #5 (a light flesh tone color) to highlight with the blending brush;
  • Finally, wet your liner brush, dip it to color #6 (a dark ink matte shadow) and line your eyes. Finish with two coats of mascara.
Closed eyes

Open eyes

Since my eyes are deep set, closed and open eyes look very different and I like the effect a lot. The eye shadows from this palette are very pigmented so a little goes a very long way. I find them to stain my skin quite a bit and I had to use an extra cotton pad with eye makeup remover to remove them.

That's all for today, ladies! I hope you enjoy this look. I think it is lovely and wearable. Also, it is very appropriate for spring and maybe early summer as well.

Take care and stay gorgeous,
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