Eyeko Cream: When Multitasking Looks so Good!

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It’s been a while since I heard about Eyeko from various bloggers but I had yet to emerge myself in the buzz. Then one day, I decided to take a plunge and hoped the items I ordered do not fall short. Eyeko is a British brand that sells cute manga-type products. To be honest, the brand does not have a big variety of makeup. However, it has steadily become somewhat a makeup cult fanatic brand due to its cutesy nature. Eyeko claims some products to be the favorites among celebrities.

Initially, I was drawn into Eyeko cream, the company’s number one best selling cream. Word on the streets has that Eyeko cream is Kylie Minogue’s fave. However, at one point the cream was formulated with petrolatum, which my skin does not have the love for. Then Eyeko reformulated their favorite cream to add antioxidants and get rid of the petroleum ingredients. Therefore, I have one more reason to get the cream.

The package is cute, ya?

The jar is piiiiink!

Eyeko’s products are sold from their website or Cherry Culture. However, the later one jacks up the price a lot higher. At Eyeko website, the cream is sold at 5 pounds a jar (~$7-7.50 USD) while at Cherry Culture it is around 10-12 dollars. So it was a no-brainer for me to order from Eyeko.

The cream is a 3-in-1 product: moisturizer, eye cream, and highlighter. Since this year’s trend is multitasking products, Eyeko cream falls right into it quite comfortably. I decided to test it out as a multitasker to see if it can live up to its own claim.

1. As a moisturizer, this product is not that desirable: it dries out very fast and once dried, it can’t be blended. However, if you mix it with your own moisturizer, your skin will have a dewy glow that is quite nice. When mixing this way, the cream resembles MAC Strobe Cream at some level. I’ve used Strobe Cream before and totally love the product. However, its price tag is ridiculous: $29.50 USD if I recall correctly. Eyeko cream is a great dupe but the pearl pigments are pink, not white like those in Strobe cream.

The shimmering glow resembles Strobe Cream

2. As an eye cream, it does not moisturize that well either. However, I accidentally found a use for this cream: as an eye shadow base, it does look a whole lot like Bare Canvas paint pot from MAC.

The two creams have the same pink pearly glow. However, Bare Canvas is a bit thicker in texture and lighter in color than Eyeko cream. Once blended, they look almost identical. Eyeko cream can hold the eye shadows quite well, although not as good as paint pots do.

The comparison picture between Bare Canvas paint pot and Eyeko cream.
They're quite similar, don't you think?

3. As a highlighter, Eyeko cream does a surprisingly inspiring job! To highlight my cheekbones, I use a very tiny amount and dab on the area above my cheeks. Then I blend like a mad woman to get a very glowy, cheekbone-popping look.

Some other uses of Eyeko cream that I discovered:

-As a makeup base: since dimethicone is an ingredient, the cream can be a good makeup primer. I found my makeup to slide smoothly and at the end of the day, it still looked fresh. Another wonderful thing is the cream does not give you that crunchy feeling most primers have.

-As an under-eye brightener: since it can be used as an eye cream, I took a risk and dabbed it to the under eye areas. Guess what? It works! Now, this cream is not a concealer so it does not cover my dark circles. However, it brightens the area up significantly and also prepares it for concealer.

However, the one disadvantage of this product is the glow factor. Although it is not glowing like a disco ball, the glow can be a big disadvantage for those who have oily skin. The thing is the glow can make your pores look huge! I applied it as a base and proceeded with my makeup, and then I took some pictures. While my face does look very nice in daylight (and real life), the pictures do not come up as nice: my face in the picture had a white cast that I do not love! Also, I do not think Eyeko cream is suitable for those with darker complexion.
Water, glycerin, butylene glycol, cyclomethicone, jojoba esthers, dimethicone, glyceryl stearate, cetearyl alcohol, octyl, methoxycinnamate, magnesium aluminum silica, triethanolamide, methylparaben, propylparaben, imidazonlidnyl urea, ascorbyl palmitate (vitamin A), retinyl palmitate (vitamin C), tocopheryl acetate (vitamin E), butylated hydroxyanisole.

May contain: mica, titanium dioxide, iron oxide red, and carmine.
From the ingredient list, Eyeko cream is a water base cream that uses glycerin as a humectant. I admire its effort to include jojoba esthers and antioxidants to this product as well as to move it away from the petroleum-base formula. For 5 pounds, this product is worth every pence I spent. I highly recommend Eyeko cream as an eye shadow base and a highlighter.

Now, if you purchase it from Eyeko’s website, and you should, please use code E177. Shipping is free worldwide and with the code, Eyeko will give you a free product. For now, code “clothesshow” also gives you a strawberry fat balm for free. That’s 2 free products to get once you spend 10 pounds or more at Eyeko*

*I think they changed their free product policy lately: you have to buy more than 10 pounds to get the freebies. Some people just bought one product and plugged in a whole bunch of codes to demand free stuff, which is not so reasonable as shipping is free globally. Code E177 can be used any time, all the time for free stuff while the second one may expire in the future.

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