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Hi everyone,

Once upon a time, somebody ask me to show the world my makeup collection. As happy as I was on the idea, the thought of sorting and photographing my makeup stash tired me out. Although I do not have a walk-in closet full of makeup, my stash is not that small either. So I really had to think hard and fast on how to wing this and the first piece was out, my brush collection post. Again, I'm not boasting or anything but I have to admit: I own a lot of makeup. "Admitting is the first step to recovery", as they said, and I'm trying to wean myself from obsessive-compulsive makeup purchases. Gotta have some self-control, girl!

So here it is, my train case that contains stuff I use most often. It's like my Batmobile, only with makeup :)

This train case is quite small and I purchased from Target at 50% off for 10 dollars.

It came with some makeup for kids that were quite useless, only a five year old can think of them as pretty. So I threw and gave the makeup away but kept the train case. After all, it's pretty and cheap. This train case is made of plastic and metal so it's not fire-proof, waterproof, or melt-proof at all. However, it is big enough to store things but small enough to put away without taking too much space.

This train case has two tiers on each side that are large enough to tote some of my essential items. I have my foundation, powders, concealers, blushes, paint pots, eye shadows, brow powder, mascara, and some lip glosses in there. Some months ago, this train case housed almost all the makeup I had at that point but now it's merely a fraction of my makeup stash. See, being a beauty blogger equals to bringing lots of (beautiful) junks to your home.

Side A

Side B
(The Bare Essentuals compact is the one I salvaged from back in the day to store my Silk Naturals foundation. Please don't get the idea that I'm currently using BE foundation.)

Stitched up image
It looks funny, don't you think?

My whole stash and nothing but the stash

In the picture, it does not look like a lot but believe me, once you pull everything out o.O I think I'm just good at packing things together so they look less abundant but that's a whole lot of makeup!

That's all folks! I hope you enjoy a short tour to my train case. So, where do you keep your makeup?

Take care,
Your Makeup Blogger

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