Shopping : Stitches, Sirens, Ardène & Winners

Today I went shopping at Place Rosemère, & I really got some great deals!


A simple but cute pink t-shirt. The original price was 10.50$, but it was on sale for 5.25$.


A lovely summer dress I got for only 10.50$


The original price for these flip-flops was 7.99$, but they were on sale for 10.00$ for two pairs.

I totally forgot that Ardène had a beauty line! At first, they were an accessories store, but they soon decided to sell clothes & beauty products. All of their products are so inexpensive, & they are almost always on sale! I was randomly wandering around the store when I noticed that those pretty lipglosses & eyeshadows were on sale! 2 for 5.00$! The original price for this gloss was 4.99$ & the eyeshadow was 3.99$. I picked a gloss in the shade Strawberry & a pink eyeshadow. I know those products might not be top quality, but at this price, I won't let these pass by!

Here is what the eyeshadow looks like:

It matches my nails, YEY!

(I was tired & I got lazy but I will take better pictures later)

It's a bright matte pink with very few shimmers. It's very pigmented. I like it! Sadly, there isn't a wide range of colors available.

You should take a look at their website & see for yourself. They also offer other varieties of lip gloss & eyeshadow, fragrances, body sprays, body lotions, nail polish, mascara, liquid eye liner & eyeshadow pencil. They even offer a free VIP card that saves you 15% of the sale price.


Last stop: Winners! I like to browse each asiles of this store, as I always find something interesting & inexpensive. Today I found this skinny Foxy jeans on sale for 23.00$ (the original price was 29.00$)

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