Shopping : my purchases from Groupe Marcelle Spring 2009 warehouse sale

Yesterday, I attended the Groupe Marcelle Spring 2009 warehouse sale, & let me tell you, it was AWESOME. All of the Annabelle's make-up products were on sale for 1.50$ & all of the Marcelle's make-up products were available for as low as 2.50$. Here is what I bought:


  • Galaxy Eyeshadow Palette in Shooting Star
  • Eye & Face Palette (4 eyshadow shades & shimmery bronzer) in Ibiza
  • Magnifeye Mascara in Black
  • Le Gloss Star Lip Shine
  • Le Juice Juicy Lip Shine

  • Horizon Bronzing Pressed Powder in Heat Wave
  • Eye & Face Palette in Mysterious Beauty
  • Dome Eye Shadow in Tourmaline
  • Loose Pearls Eye Shadow in Aura
  • Vita-Lip Gloss in Rio Rose
  • Vita-Lip Plumping Gloss in Rio Rose

& all of this cost me only 27.09$! I'M SO HAPPY.

I was looking for a concealer, but they weren't on sale )=

Not all of these products are available on the Annabelle or Marcelle website, so I took some pictures of my purchases myself.

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