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Happy Monday! Did you have a good Easter celebration? Did the Easter Bunny give you lots of chocolate candies? I'm curious :)

Makeup-wise, the one look that gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling in the tummy is the smokey eyes look. Not only does it look good on me, it is very easy to apply as well! After a while, I kind of abuse this method and everything started to look smokey on me. Repetition can really be the end of creativity and I decided to do a smokey eyes look that's different from my usual method of application.

With that in mind, I dig out some stuff that I haven't used and whipped out a mean smokey eyes look using Deep Blue Green pigment* from the Hello Kitty collection.

The look, I was trying to be serious and alluring at the same time
(You don't get to see me without my hair around my face, do you?)


The schematic shown here and explained after the jump :)

This look is super easy, I promise! I only used 3 colors, 2 brushes, and a bit of Bare Canvas as a primer:
  • First, apply Bare Canvas paint pot to all over the eyelid as an eyeshadow primer;
  • Then apply Deep Blue Green pigment to the eyelid using a MAC 239 brush (*pigment mistakenly labelled as "Night Fish", gah!);
  • Contour the outer corner of your eye until half-way through the crease using a soft gray eyeshadow and a blending brush (I used Silver Bells from Everyday Minerals);
  • Finally, use your favorite highlight and the same blending brush to highlight the area underneath the brow bone. I used EDM Wet Sand blush as a highlighter and it works.
  • For more drama: apply a dark black liner (I use Revlon Colorstay eyeliner) and some coats of mascara.
The eyes should look like this without mascara and eyeliner

Cheeks: I believe to layer about 3 products to get some glow on
  • First, I applied a sheer layer of pink blush from Maybelline to the apple of my cheeks using a blush brush;
  • Then I used a skunk brush similar to MAC 187 to apply NYC Chroma Glow in Moonstone to the same area;
  • To set the blush, I applied Date Bait finishing powder from Silk Naturals to the cheeks and where the sun usually hit.
Lips: I used a sheer and frosty pink lipgloss that's similar to She Loves Candy lip glass from HK collection.

Some behind the scene pictures

Fish face, inspired by Angelina Jolie :)

Showin' 'em some teeth!

This is what I called good skin

Really, AwG mineral foundation is the best! Look at my skin! I'm really proud of this picture as it shows some glows on my skin like I'm in lurve or something (the pictures in this entry as well as in most entries are not photoshopped, btw!). Seriously, have you seen any picture of me looking that good before? I have my thank to the foundation, various concealers, and glows. Geeze, who knows perfection can be such a hard business?!

* explained: I have no idea why I call Deep Blue Green pigment Night Fish! I've been calling it that way ever since I got the sample but until today when I wrote this entry that I checked. And voila, it ain't Night Fish, baby! The actual MAC Night Fish is a LE fluidline from Lure collection (and why most things that I love in makeup have to be LEs?)

So that's all for Monday, folks! I hope you will whip out a mean smokey eyes look after reading this entry. Deep Blue Green pigment is really gorgeous and if you can't find it, feel free to use Flashtrack instead. I find these two colors to be quite similar although Flashtrack does not have as much green in it.

Take care everyone and I hope you're having a wonderful week ahead!

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