Tips for Your Personal Freshness

This is an essential part of being well groomed. Everyone perspires, some more than others, but the average amount is about two pints a day. There are millions of sweat glands all over the body but they are microscopicalJy small and the sweat they produce is clear and watery. The glands in the armpits are fewer but larger and perspiration there is whitish with a distinctive odour. A daily bath is a help but it is not sufficient because decomposition takes place in about six hours and a daily bath means waiting for 24 hours in winter and minimum for 12 hours in summer.

Soap and water are good for getting rid of accumulated perspiration odours but they cannot safeguard you against the perspiration that will begin to exude again as soon as you are dry and dressed. A deodorant will help to get rid of odour, but it won't check perspiration from forming. An anti-perspirant, on the other hand, gets to the root of the problem by actually preventing perspiration from forming. It virtually seals the tiny sweat glands in one way or another so that the perspiration cannot escape and therefore cannot smell. An anti-perspirant is therefore essential for any girl or woman who is fastidious about personal freshness. These are available as roll-on products, sprays, creams, and pat-on lotions. Whichever type or brand you choose, however, remember that it will only be effective on smooth, hair-free skin, so regular defusing is essential.

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