Manicure Routine

(1) With a piece of cotton wool soaked in nail polish re­mover wipe all varnish from the nails.

(2) Shape the nails by filing with an emery board, using the fine side, from sides to centre. If the nails break easily or are in bad condition, file them short but not too low on the sides.

(3) Brush the nails clean and apply a little cuticle cream. Soak the tips of fingers for a few minutes in warm soapy water.

4) Twist a little cotton wool round the tip of an orange stick and with this work a. little cuticle remover round the nail, gently pushing the cuticle back, lifting it slightly but being careful not to damage the new nail which is under it.

(5) Before varnishing or polishing the nails they must be cleaned of any remaining grease. For this, wipe the nails again with varnish remover.

(6) To help the varnish to last, a coat of polish base is next applied. This also gives a better finish to the final varnish. The second coat of varnish should not be applied until the base is thoroughly dry.

(7) Paint on the final varnish in one direction only, from the cuticle end to the tip of the nail.

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