Special Making-Up Tips for Correcting Facial Flaws

  • If your nose is too long, brush a little color very carefully over the tip of the nose and nostrils. Remember to blend the color very carefully with the basic foundation so that you don't have any definite hard lines.

  • If your nose is too broad and flat, use a creamy white highlight down the centre of the nose. Brush a little color along the sides of the nose. Blend the two colors well.

  • If your face is too full, use a little blush on the high part of the cheek, closer to the nose. Blend lightly across the too­ -full area.

  • If your face is too slender, create an illusion of width. Place your rouge on the curve of the cheek, slightly away from the nose. Blend well, out and up to the temples.

  • If your face is square and heavy along the jaw line, soften the angles of the jaw line by shadowing. Pat on rouge, then blend down across the square part.

  • Apply a little rouge to shadow a bony 'bump' under the eyebrows.
    If your chin is too round, use a little blusher on both sides of the chin. This creates an illusion of diminished roundness. To give the chin a pointed look, add a highlight to the centre of the chin.
  • If your jaw is too broad, place your blush on each side of the jaw from just below your ear level down to the chin level.

  • A soft blending of rouge under the jaw line or chin takes away a heavy drooping effect. Your jaw line can look more clear-cut with this trick for the evening.

  • Lift your head and draw a light curve of blusher just under the jawbone from ear to ear. Blend well, up and inward towards the chin.

  • To accentuate the cheek bones for evening make-up, use a liquid foundation a shade lighter than usual. Apply it in little dabs on the tops of the cheek bones and on to the corners of the nose. Blend well.

  • To focus extra attention on eyes and mouth, circle the outer edge of the face very lightly with blusher. Blend with feathery strokes.

  • If you use a face powder, try substituting it with baby powder. Baby powder has a youthful sheen and transpar­ency and gives you a fresher, more natural look.

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