Beauty Care Equipments for Your Face

One Pair of Good, Effective Tweezers: Always try a tweezer before buying it. It is essential for a worthwhile tweezer to have a good grip. Remember not to tamper with the original shape of the eyebrows. Tweeze hair gently from under the eyebrows rather than from above.

Eyelash Curler: The quickest way of giving your eye a wide-­open look. Takes only a second to use and pays rich dividends.

Cake or Roll-on Mascara: For making eyes look larger and eyelashes thicker and longer. A mascara stored for a long time dries up. Remember to finish using your old mascara before buying a new one.

Eye Shadows: It is a must to have at least two favorite colors of eye shadow. Creams are better for the winter, while powders look fresher in the summers. Avoid very bright colors as these do not blend in very well with the face. Go in for muted and cloudy greys, blues or browns.

Lipstick Brush: So that you can define your mouth well. Timid mouths are bad news everywhere.

Lipsticks: At least two of your favorite colors. For the winter, pick up warm and rich browns and reds. Go paler and lighter in the summer.

Lip Gloss: To go over lipstick and make lips look softer, moister and glossier. The safest bet is a colorless gloss that can go over your favorite lipstick without altering its color, only making it more delicious.

Liquid Foundation: To disguise skin imperfections and give you. a smooth base to work on. Always remember to cover your face completely with foundation, even your eyelids and behind your ears. Your choice of foundation color should depend on your skin tone. The wrong color of foundation - be it too light or too dark - can be most unflattering.

One Blusher: It can be a powder or fluid. A blusher is most essential as it does wonders for your appearance if it is applied well. In summer or in humid climates, a powder blush is ideal as it prevents an oily, greasy look. Liquid rouge looks good in the winters.

Skin Toner: If your skin is dry; a toner is a good idea if it is used regularly. For best results, put on just after washing your face. A toner does what its name suggests ­ it tones up the skin by improving circulation.

Astringent: Only if you have an oily skin. An astringent is definitely out if you have a dry skin because it aggravates conditions of dryness. An astringent can be really refreshing in the summers. I' helps to close pores on the skin surface and discourages oiliness.

In the summers, try storing your astringent in the refrig­erator. A cool astringent is many times more refreshing than one at normal temperature.

Moisturizer: Try a baby lotion. It is the lightest moisturize)' you can use for the summers. Use a heavier one, for example, almond oil in the winters, as the cold aggravates skin dryness. A moisturizer is a must for all skin types. Don't skip moisturizing if you have an, oily skin. Moisture has nothing to do with oiliness and greasiness.

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