Beauty Care Equipments for Your Hands and Feet

Hand Lotion or Cream: To keep your hands and feet well nourished and soft. Ideally you should use your hand lotion or cream immediately after each wash. Like facial skin, skin on hands and feet also gets dry and needs nourishing, specially as you use soap on them.

Emery Board: Nicer for filing nails than a metallic file. It gives a smoother, more complete finish as it discourages ragged ends.

Nail Polish Remover: Essential for anyone who wishes to keep toe and finger nails looking their best. One great damper of an otherwise attractive appearance is half chipped, peeled or fading nail polish.

Nail polish: Nail color is an immediate 'pick up', for feet and hands. Keep at least two of your favorite colors. Avoid dark, bright reds and mauves in the summer. Winter, however, is a good time for; deep warm colors.
Avoid bizarre effects of greens, blues and blacks.

Cuticle Removers: To keep your nails neat and in a great shape. Push back cuticles with an orange stick tip wrapped in cotton wool. Remember that the nicest things come in the smallest packages. Make-up and cosmetics - especially lipsticks, eye shadows, and perfumes - get worse off with time. Only buy as much as you can use up in 2-3 months' time.

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