Easy Tips and Guide for Superfluous Hair

This is frequently a problem especially after menopause. Underarm hair can be easily removed with a shaver. The simplest way to clean arms and legs is to shave but I will not recommend this as one has to shave very regularly or end up with legs like cactus plants. The use of depilatory cream is virtually the same as shaving. As far as possible avoid shaving or creaming as it cuts the hair off bluntly. Plucking is not recommended except for eyebrows or isola­ted hairs. Waxing pulls out the hair from the root and has a smooth and more lasting effect. Regular waxing weakens the growth. You can buy cold wax from the market or make it yourself. Waxing is the age-old traditional way of removing body hair in our country too. The hair are tugged out by their roots and therefore regrowth takes much longer. Waxing can be done anywhere on the body but it is more painful in some parts. Waxing is excellent for legs, arms and tidying the pubic area. It is sugges­ted to do it of tend-say once after every three to four weeks.

To make wax yourself, melt 500 gms sugar in the juice of 3 lemons and simmer very slowly until it is a medium honey color toffee mixture. Heat for 10 to 15 minutes, then remove from the heat. Add 1 1/2 teaspoons glycerine, mix and use as warm as possible. It should feel hot when applying over the skin, but should not be unbear­able. Sit with legs in front of you and a pan of wax close at hand. Do one leg at a time, working upwards from ankle to knee. The strip should be 4.5 centimeter wide. The strips of wax are applied on the skin with the back of a spoon or spatula going against the direction in which the hair grow. The strip is allowed to cool and is patted briskly to make sure it is gripping the hair underneath, and then pull the cloth quickly bringing the hair with it. Sometimes, the pores look red for a few hours after waxing. Rubbing the waxed area regularly with bath mitt will keep the skin soft. The best way to learn waxing is to have a couple of treatments done at a good beauty salon and watch the technique carefully. When you {eel confi­dent, do waxing at home yourself.

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