How to Choose Stockings and Shoes

While buying stockings, see that you buy the right size for comfort. Choose the heavier type of stockings for day wear and the finer ones for social occasions. Seamless stockings are the most popular. The color of stockings should blend not only with the color of the skin but also with the color of the clothes being worn. As with stockings, you must be sure of your size while buying shoes and walk around the store before deciding on them. Do not change the types of shoes which you wear. A girl who always wears sandals and flat heels can develop fallen arches. On the other hand, continually wearing high heels can also be harmful because the weight of the body being constantly thrown on the toes. A variation in the height of the heels is, therefore, recommended. Look after your shoes, cleaning them regularly and keeping them in good repair-particularly the heels-not only for appearance's sake but for your own comfort too.

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