Home Pedicure

(1) Soak the feet in warm water, adding a few drops of dettol or any other disinfectant. Scrub the toe nails with a fairly stiff nail-brush. Rub any hard skin with a pumic stone. Never try to cut hard skin as this can be dangerous. Dry the feet carefully, especially between the toes.

(2) Massage the feet with a little foot cream. (Better buy one containing menthol which is very cooling.)

(3) Apply cuticle cream around the nails.

(4) Using an orange stick, wrapped with a twist of cotton wool and dipped in cuticle remover, gently press the cuticle back. The cuticle should never be cut unless the edges are ragged.

(5) Cut the nails straight across and then smooth the edges with an emery-board. The nails should not be so short that the soft flesh at the ends of the toe is exposed.

(6) Use a little varnish remover on cotton wool to dry off the nails and remove any cream.

(7) Cotton wool pads can now be put between the toes. This is to avoid smudging-and the varnish applied, covering the whole nail and over the tip.

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