Easy Hand Care Tips – Guide

Hands are always in evidence and however well groomed and beautiful a woman may be, the illusion is shattered if her hands are uncared for. Rough, chapped, wrinkled hands are the signs of bad health. Taking care of your hands should be a matter of habit. Palmists say that your left hand shows what you were born with while your right hand reveals what you will make of life but both hands show the world just how much care you lavish upon them or how much you neglect them.

Detergents, soap and water constantly dry the skin so try to wear rubber gloves while doing housework in the kitchen and washing up in the bathroom. Protect your hands from bad weather When going out wear cotton hand gloves or massage with a barrier cream. When you have had hands in water, dry them twice with a towel, then smooth in a hand cream or lotion at once. Keep hand lotion by kitchen sink, and in the bathroom. A very simple barrier cream can be made by mixing one cup rose water, half a cup glycerine and 2 tablespoons lemon juice. Lemon juice is a great asset to hands, softening, cleaning and bleaching them. Do not throw a squeezed half lemon away, but use it instead to rub and clean hands and elbows.

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