Surprises from my mother + re-pierced ear holes

My mother bought me a surprise last night. She came home from Jean Coutu with this product:

Salon LaCoupe Flat Iron Thermal Straightening Spray

I use a flat iron almost every day, but I've never tried any thermal protection product before, because I used to think it wasn't really a necessity for me as I use conditioner and leave-in conditioner every day, and I try to do a hair mask every week. Also, I don't think my hair looks damaged by the flat iron. Anyway, I'm willing to give this product a try. Thanks mom!

My mother also bought two Maybelline VolumeXLSeduction Lip Plumper as they where on sale for only 2$!

Unfortunately, as I said in the review I made of it, this lipgloss dries my lips and makes them itchy. One of the shades my mother bought is Seductively Nude, but I can't remember the other.

On another note, yesterday night I was bored, so Idecided to try again to re-pierce my second ear holes, and I finally succeeded!

 It wasn't that painful, as the hole was still there (I got it pierced at Ardène with a piercing gun some times ago), but a tiny "film" of skin "grew" to close it because I didn't wear earrings for a too long time, and the piercing was still too fresh to stay open by itself. At first, I didn't care, but now, I'm thinking more and more about getting a third ear piercing, and maybe one in the ear cartilage (Helix), too...

image from Google Images

I just fell in love with Mint Candy Apple from Essie's new limited edition winter collection:

This color is absolutely adorable! I wish I could find a cheaper dupe, though.

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