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Hi everybody,

We are days away from getting into the year 2010 and I already miss 2009. Some couple of days ago, my friends and I had an epiphany moment when we realized we no longer could write 2009 or '09 or anything with two zeros after number 2 for the year when 2010 starts. (And that's why we've been writing checks like crazy before 2010 begins!)

While the year 2009 has been good to me, mainly at the second half of the year, I am looking forward to 2010. The folks at Everyday Minerals agreed, and they came out with the New Year palette. While the Christmas palette is bright and cheerful, the New Year palette is rich and a little bit sinful in colors.

(L-R): Chamomille, Love Letter, Wine Tasting, and Wild Flowers

The palette, opened
Want to see the swatch and detailed description of each color? Jump!

The swatch
(L-R): Wild Flowers, Wine Tasting, Love Letters, and Chamomile

Color descriptions from Everyday Minerals:
Chamomile - A light butter yellow with a puff of shimmer.
Love Letters - A matte lilac/purple-pink shade.
Wine Tasting - A deep grape shade with blue flecks of shimmer.
Wild Flowers - Rich taupe matte with mauve undertones.

The back of the palette

Like the Christmas palette, this quad is also pigmented and the texture is a bit more diverse: Chamomile and Wine Tasting have shimmers while Love Letters and Wild Flowers are matte. Chamomile is a very soft yellow color that's suitable for highlighting as well. If I had to choose between the Christmas palette and this one, I would pick the previous ones as I am a fan of colorful eye shadows. However, the New Year palette is more wearable in my opinion.

It is currently available at Everyday Minerals for $7 USD. As they are pigments, they can be used wet or dry. When used wet, make sure not to dip your wet brush directly into the pod and use a good mixing medium. When used dry, a good eyeshadow primer is necessary. I use MAC paint pots as eyeshadow primers.

And now, a disclaimer: this palette was sent to me from a kind representative of Everyday Minerals for reviewing purposes. For more information, please visit Everyday Minerals website. Click here to read My Makeup Blog disclosure policy.

Hope you are having a good day so far. What do you call 2010? Is it "two thousand ten" or "twenty ten"? I'm curious about that.


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