Everyday Minerals Christmas Palette: Falala la Lovely!

Hi everyone,

It's Christmas Eve, how cool is that? Seriously, I need to get off the computer and go to the store to get some bread for Christmas linner (that's lunch and dinner together, people!) We are going to have some yummy food and I can't wait to devour them.

Anyways, the reason I am still blogging is this palette from Everyday Minerals:

The Christmas palette, how gorgeous is that?

Each year, EDM comes up with holiday colors during Christmastime. I received some eye shadows last year as gifts with purchase and I thoroughly enjoyed them. When a representative from EDM contacted me regarding products to review, I did not intent to receive any fun colors like this. It was a surprise to open the box and see the Christmas palette.

For those who are EDM fans, the colors from this palette are not very new for you. However, in the past, they were not on sale and you may not get the colors you wanted. Last year, I really wanted the gold eye shadow but got the silver one (Silver Bells) instead. This time around, the Christmas palette makes sure you get everything you want and even some more.

The cover

The back
Close ups and swatch are coming up after the jump!

Each palette has a small mirror and a tiny brush
You dip the brush in each pod to get the pigments and place them on the lid before applying to your eyelids.

Opened pods
From left to right: 12:01 AM, Frost Bitten, Mistletoe, Silver Bells

From Everyday Minerals:
Mistletoe - A medium green with pearlescent light pink highlights.
12:01 AM - Metallic gold with yellow undertones and bursts of shimmer.
Frost Bitten - Like pure white glistening white snow.
Silver Bells - A silver like shade with millions of little silver sparkles.

 A light swatch
(L-R): Silver Bells, Mistletoe, Frost Bitten, and 12:01 AM

Compared to the ones I got last year, the pigmentation of these eye shadows are a whole lot better. I used tiny bits for my swatch and was very surprised to see them on my skin. Also, the container is very sturdy and once the lids are closed, nothing can escape. Priced at 7 dollars, it is affordable and lovely. For those who do not have many bright eye shadows, this palette is a good introduction. I myself love gold eye shadows and 12:01 is perfect!

Ciao for now, my lovelies. I wish you all a peaceful Christmas Eve. Those who are living in the snowing area, please stay warm and dry.

And now, a disclaimer: this palette was sent to me from a kind representative of Everyday Minerals for reviewing purposes. For more information, please visit Everyday Minerals website. Click here to read My Makeup Blog disclosure policy.


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