Hair evolution (picture heavy!) + Facebook

My mother found some old pictures of me today, and I thought it would be interesting to show you the evolution of my hair (and my whole look).

Let's start in 2004, the year I started dying my hair:

April 2004 - My "virgin" hair. It was a little past my shoulders and really fine.

 November & December 2004 - I dyed only the bottom layers of my hair dark brown. It was still the same lengths. I like how it was naturally straight and a little wavy at the bottom. I wasn't even using a flat iron at this time.


August & September 2005 - August 2005 - I dyed my hair black and cut it a little above my shoulders. I started parting it in on the side.

Somewhere later in 2005 - I added red to the bottom layers.I started being a little emo.


January 2006 - Return to black, but with hints of purple. Oh, and I tried bangs - and hated it.

February 2006 - I kept my hair short, still black with hints of purple, but no more bangs!

August 2006 - I re-dyed my hair black and re-added red to the bottom layers, and I went for shorter layers

December 2006 - I tried to bleach my black hair to make pop my burgundy even more... but this is the result after about a week. You can see that my ends are completely fried because of all the bleaching.


January 2007 - Second try with burgundy, and same result.

February 2007 - Third try with black hair and red bottom layers.

March 2007 - Another try with burgundy, and I also tried to bleach my bottom layers blonde... but it was a complete mess. Look at my poor ends!

April 2007 - Fourth try with burgundy.

July 2007 -  Back to black with hints of purple. I was taking great care of my hair and it was starting to heal.

October 2007 - I tried dark brown for the first time

December 2007 - I returned to burgundy - and it faded again.

January 2008 - One of my last tries with burgundy. If I remember well, I stuck with dark brown for the rest of the year.

This was taken in November, and it is pretty accurate of what I'm looking like now.

I also tried black with hints of red and blue, but I don't have any picture to show you. So basically, I think I have been pretty adventurous with my hair, but I learned a lot through it all. I loved burgundy a lot, but it keeps fading, despite my religious use of shampo and conditioner for color-treated hair. I think I will stick with dark brown for a long time again, as I think it's the colour that compliments my features the most. I often find myself thinking about going black again since it's the easiest color to take care of, but then I remember what it had done to my poor hair when I got bored of this color and tried to bleach it... -_-' Oh, and I'm now trying to gow my hair out.

I also found a fun (and completely useless) application on Facebook. It allows you to create a collage of your 2009 Facebook statues. Here's mine:

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