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Hi everybody,

How's everybody doing? I've been extremely busy lately, as the holiday season is getting closer and closer. This year, I regret not to do a gift guide for y'all and I sincerely hope you are doing fine in this gift finding department. Right now, all I wish is to have some time and internet connection to sit down and blog until the end of this year.

Have you joined the Wonderbar giveaway yet? If you have not, there is still time. Click here to join!
I was reading some of your comments and it warmed my heart to learn all about your favorite Christmas gifts. I hope one of you will add Wonderbar to that list as well.

Wait, we're not done for Monday yet! The GILTY Pleasures weekly web tour is coming up next after the jump!

Alison of The Advice Sisters has a sneak peek you won't want to miss of
Maybelline's amazing, new Winter/Spring 2010 color collection!

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Get celebrity hair with tips from Moulay Yacoubi, premiere hairstylist at NYC's Pierre Michel Salon.
Want Bombshell Waves?

Lisa of Bridalease is starting the party with Marc Wilson Design the prince of wedding

Dao from My Makeup Blog found a life saver in her makeup palettes.

Beauty and Fashion Tech reveiws Arbonne Mascara

Gio from Beautiful With Brains wonders if Mineral Oil is really Bad for Skin.

I hope you are having a wonderful week so far. For those of you who are stuck in the snow storm of 2009, I wish you all the best and please keep yourself warm. Take care, everyone!


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