Dear M.A.C, Part Deux

Hi everybody,

How was your Christmas? Mine was so delightful, jolly, and full that I still feel tingle and happy. Now, sitting in front of the computer and basking over the afterglow of Christmas, I wish to have more time like this. Let me tell you, this is the life, y'all! While checking my email, I noticed a new ad from MAC that prompted me to write another letter to my favorite Canadian makeup company (click here for the original Dear M.A.C.) Rest assure, I am not an anti-fan of Makeup Art Cosmetics in any measures. Some of their products I can't live without, but this is a little bit too much and I guess it's time for some people from MAC to read my blog already.

So what prompted my post-Christmas outrage?

This ad of MAC Studio Fix Lash

Did you see anything strange? Let me show you two!

Numero Uno:

"Really, what is that?" you asked
"That, my dear children," I said, "is not the miracle of Christmas. It's the spine of a pair o' falsies!"
Wanna see numero dos? Jump!

And now, numero dos
It's so wrong in two levels

Let me show you:

Not only you see the spine of the falsies, you also see the model's eyelashes peaking out underneath the pair of falsies!
Can I have an "Oh boy!"?

Those, my friends, are images from MAC's newest campaign called "In the Studio" sent this morning. I don't know if MAC wants to keep it real in their ad campaign for a mascara by not photoshopping the real lashes out of the falsies or not but this is so foul in so many levels:

1. This is an ad for mascara, so why did the model wear fake lashes?

2. If I want to buy this mascara, how do I know how well it performs?

3. Please hire a new photo retoucher and a new art director

    I actually have one in mind for you. Yadiq is a reader of mine and a photo retoucher. I know she won't let this happen. Also, any decent makeup artist would try to blend the real lashes with the false lashes using a heated eyelash curler after applying some mascara. Even I, a makeup addict, can tell you that.

So please, MAC, please stop this ridiculous thing from happening again. I don't want to be mean to you but if I see any mascara ads from you with real lashes peaking out of falsies again, I have to report it up here. And I am not kidding! This has got to stop!


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