Makeup Emergency: The Palette

Hi everybody,

During the last two weeks, my makeup routine fluctuated between wearing no makeup and have no time to wear makeup. When I was not in a meeting, I was waiting in line for something or busy to complete something else (my thesis.) Then, the moment came when I had to show my face to the world, I barely had time to apply makeup in a decent manner. Each time, I had less than 15 minutes to do a complete face to head out of the doors. And God knows how bad traffic can get on commencement day.

My saving grace? Sephora Beauty Fever palette

When I bought this palette, I did not envision the day I would rely on it for my beautification. This palette, while being compact, is not really my cup of tea when it comes to everyday use. While the pigmentation is quite alright, I developed a snobby attitude toward it and most Sephora palettes. To me, they are glorified Coastal Scents (or even worse, E.L.F) palettes with the fancy name. However, after many times reaching out to this palette, I'd say it's a necessary evil.

Why, you may ask. And I will answer after the jump.

The answer is really simple: having an all-in-one palette within reach does save you a lot of time. Instead of spending time to find and open many blush, eye shadows, highlighting powder, and bronzer containers, you only need to open one palette. Shocking, huh? I felt the same way, too. With everything opened right in front of you, the time needed to apply makeup can be cut in half. To me, that's the beauty of having this type of product.

However, as I mentioned earlier, some colors in the palette you may not like or use and finding the perfect palette can be a mission impossible task. I'm glad to tell you that you can make your own. I did, and it was very easy.

To recap, if you have not owned any all-in-one makeup palettes, I suggest you to get or make one yourself. They are really handy when you are in time-crunching situations. I have to admit I would not make it to the commencement without the Beauty Fever palette. If you have a favorite makeup palette, please let me know. I'd love to hear more about this.


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