Five Tips to Stay Warm and Chic This Winter

Hello my lovelies,

How are you doing? It's been a while since my last blog entry, right?

The weather has been so bloody cold lately and most times I either felt like a frozen icicle or a walking piece of sausage. On Black Friday, I covered myself head to toes to get line in front of Best Buy and it dawned on me people really sacrifice chic in order to stay warm. Granted, nobody cares what you wear at 3am on Black Friday, the most crowded shopping day of the year, but hundreds of human icicles dressed like hobos hugging blankets is a bit more than way too much.

That scene from Black Friday bothered me so much that I put my foot down to find a way to be chic without sacrificing fashion. Please keep in mind I am not a fashion forward person but a makeup addict who tries to keep warm while looking less dowdy.

After consulting many books, magazines, websites, and relatives, I came up with a list of five simple things to keep you warm and cozy while looking like you just came from the runway.

1. Wear a cute hat

See how cute Angie was in that hat?

It's simple as this: when your head is cold, you feel cold. This is why moms wear hats on their little ones. There are so many caps and hats out there for you to buy. If you are fluent in knitting and crocheting, creating cute head gears is simple as a piece of cake. By the way, that Brangelina hat up there has a written pattern at Crazy Aunt Purl (love her blog!)

2. Rock a cool scarf

Scarves walk a thin line between fashion and functionality. You can find some crazy thick wool scarves that guarantee to thaw off Big Foot. Actually, said scarves were fashionable about 2 winters ago. Also, you can don skinny scarves that look like threads around your neck. Thick or thin, long or short, scarves are must-haves for winter.

I did not like scarves for a long time, until one day I came to realization that people who wear scarves actually do not wear bulky winter clothes at all. The scarf can actually make you feel warm. See all those French women prancing around in mini skirts and dark tights? They wear scarves!

Right now, I fancy this scarf and may make one in light green, which leads to another point: scarves do not need to be boring. You can wear all black for your outfit but if you put a bright and cheery scarf on, the outfit will look less monochromatic.

3. Keep your tootsies warm

Once upon a time, I went to one outdoor event in late fall and almost froze my butt off. The reason? I wore skimpy shoes! After that, I learned my lesson: keep my feet warm at all cost. However, that does not mean I have to wear ugly shoes like UGGS, which are super warm, to stay toasty. There are a bunch of booties and boots out there that are as comfortable as they are good looking.

I took a lookie at Victoria's Secret and some of their boots are pretty cute. Click here to view.

4. Wear cashmere

My life changed the moment I bought my first cashmere sweater. This tip actually passed to me from my rich cousin who owns a whole lot of cashmere sweaters when they were $100+ a piece. Now, cashmere sweaters are not as expensive as they used to be since more people raise cashmere goats for wool. However, there is a certain difference in the degree of softness between cashmere sweaters sold at $60 and below vs. the expensive ones. Depending on what your wallet can take, you can find affordable skin melting cashmere sweaters at bargain prices after the holiday.

The reason cashmere is so wonderful is its ability to retain heat without adding bulk to your body. The cashmere fibers are unbelievably light and soft. Virgin cashmere, the first crop harvested from the underbelly of the goat, is the softest and so dreamy that it's worth every penny of the hundred dollar price tag you spend for that sweater.

5. Master the art of layering

Q: What will keep you warmer: wearing one thick layer of clothing or multiple layers of thinner clothes?

A: Layering thinner clothes is better.

Surprise, huh? Actually, coats and sweaters do not keep you warm. What they do is to create an envelope of warm air between your body and the fabric that keeps you warm. Your body is the heater to keep that bubble of air that you create warm. When you wear only one layer, the chance of heat loss to the outside environment is higher than when you wear multiple layers of clothes, as each layer have their own warm air bubble.

There's no need of wearing a thick, puffy coat (and look like a Michellin man) when you can stay warm with multiple layers. If you want more tips on how to rock this layering style, click here.

Just as I thought November was busy, December is even worse. This year, I am getting closer than ever to finish my degree. However, to finish one thing, I have to alleviate some of my other responsibilities and sadly enough, blogging fell into this category. Initially, I wanted to sit out for December but the more I thought about it, the more I want to blog, although as sporadically as possible. There are a whole bunch of products I want to review and a few giveaways I would love to host. However, those can wait until I graduate.

You guys, thank you so much for sticking with me! I will come back as soon as I can. In the meantime, please check my Twitter account (@MyMakeupBlog), I tweet more these days since it is micro-blogging and requires less amount of time.


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