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Happy Friday! Are you ready for the weekends? I am sure to look forward to it, after all I've been working hard this whole week and seriously need a break. Recently, Franchesca from Adorned with Grace Minerals sent me a sample package as a house warming gift for me. She is really sweet and caring and her makeup line is simply gorgeous. Now, if you have been reading my blog for a while, you know that I have a love for Franchesca's makeup because the products are gorgeous, affordable, and practical. AwG is specialized in vegan makeup and the color products (eyeshadows and blushes) are usually in the nude and matte side. If you visualize Bobbi Brown makeup in the mineral form, you will get AwG makeup. Since the first time I tried it, I was blown away by the eyeshadows as she does nude matte colors very well! Most of the times, these types of colors are either chalky or not pigmented enough. However, with AwG, the nudes and mattes are really gorgeous!

But guess what? Franchesca threw us a curve ball in her winter collection and I am one of the reasons for that! When she developed this collection, I happened to email her about a steel blue color after watching Zoolander so many times (Blue Steel, anyone?) She said she would consider my suggestion and the next thing I know is this winter eyeshadow collection that she sent me!

Adorned with Grace winter 2009 collection
Pardon the yellow hue of the picture, all my indoor pixs are like that :(

Now, I am very flattered to be included in this collection. Moreover, the colors are my type of colors: smokey, dark, blue, shimmering hues. Ooh la la, I am in cloud 9 already!

Skin swatch of the eye shadows

Here is the break down of how the eye shadows look:
  • Angelic is a snow white frosty eyeshadow that is perfect as a highlighter or an eyeliner. It really opens up my eyes when used as an eyeliner and reminds me of Cool Chill collection from MAC during the winter.
  • Dynamic is what Yoghurt from HK collection should be! It is a very pretty pale pink eye color with shimmer. Like Angelic, it can also be used as a highlighter or at the inner corner of your eyes. I love this color very very much!
  • Polished is a shimmery sandy nude eyeshadow that is perfect for those who only use one eyeshadow. As I mentioned earlier, AwG's strength is on the nudes and Polished is a hit in my book as it combines nudes with bling.
  • Empathetic is a light greyish blue eyeshadow that is so beautiful! This is my type of color and sure makes a smashin' smokey blue eyes combo.
  • Steadfast is darker than Empathetic and works really well for the smokeys. When applied wet, it really brings out the shimmers.
  • Valiant is gorgeous as an eyeshadow for the smokey eyes look or as a liner. It definitely is my blue steel color :)
  • Dramatic is as dark as charcoal. Without shimmers, it is perfect as an eyeliner.
With this collection, the possibilities are endless. I played with Empathetic, Steadfast, Valiant, and Dramatic some days ago and I love them!

AwG also has new blushes with shimmers called "Shimmer Blushes", which are gorgeous and appropriate to use. If you love blushes but do not like mattes or disco-ball glows, these sweet colors are for you. Franchesca sent me a pack with all of her colors but during my moving time, clumsy me happened to misplaced the pack! So poor Franchesca included some colors for me on the second time and thanks to her, now I have something to post online for you all to see.

Skin swatch of the shimmer blushes

Here's the break down of how they look:
  • Glamorous is a bright apricot color with golden shimmer. It is very pretty on me, even when I am a cool skin tone person.
  • Tenderness is nude pink that goes like a whisper on my skin. The glow is soft and nice enough to give me a radiant look that I want.
  • Dainty is a soft nude pink color that is a bit too light for me. However, on the days that I just want to have a healthy, natural glow, this blush is for me.
  • Bemused is quite amusing to me as it is a soft lavender color. Although I would not wear it by itself, paring it with other colors definitely perks up my skin tone.
These colors are very pigmented and if you love Everyday Minerals blushes, you will sure prefer AwG blushes even more. The staying power is amazing and I love how soft and silky it goes on my skin. These are definitely "must-buy" items.

Currently, AwG has some really good deals on blushes (click here) and limited edition eyeshadows (and click here). You don't have to pay extra shipping when shipped in the United States. International shipping cost is very low and Franchesca ships out your orders fast. Also, she includes some samples in every order for you to try. How sweet is that?

I am going to pick a winner for the giveaway this weekend and you still have time to sign up by subscribing to my feed. There will be another giveaway in the spring and I am planning for it.

Take care ladies and have a wonderful weekend.

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