Monday Pep Talk

Well, hello again my dear lovely readers!

It's Monday, again and I hope you are having a good start so far. (At least reading my blog is considered a good start in my book.) As we all know, last week I came back here to blog and because I was really swamped, I only blogged three times. So really, when it comes to blogging, last week did not count, at least to me. This week is a good start for me as my introductory is finished and I am about to give it to my advisor. From writing that piece of work, I understood a whole lot of things about science, myself, and the work I'm doing. Also, it makes me appreciate blogging even more.

So why did I name this post "Monday Pep Talk", you may ask. For a long long time now, if you've guessed and read my blog closely, you notice my tendency not to blog anything serious on Monday and Friday (that's true!) Why Monday? Because it's the beginning of the week and I need to warm up. Talking about some serious issues such as La Mer vs. the rest of the world, in skin moisturizer- of course, is simply too overwhelming for Mondays. However, a little bit of pep talk is very encouraging. And being raised in geek-style science boot camps, I do appreciate the Monday pep talks (maybe a bit of exaggerating on the "boot camps" part but I guess you get the idea.) They keep me moving, make me feel grounded, and sometimes, even motivates me a little bit. I hope you feel the same way as well. By no means the Monday entries are all pep talks. I don't intend to do that, but once in a while a little bit of updates and motivations do not hurt, right?

So what is going on in my world? Well, a lot, actually! I still can't imagine exactly a month ago, I did not even know where to live when the lease on my previous apartment expired. Now, I am situated in the new place, just finished my intro, and become a lot happier. The new place is very lovely: some days I woke up and thought I live in a hotel! It is more than enough for me and sometimes, I remember growing up in an apartment that was as big as the one I am living right now. That only is counted as a blessing. Also, I get to blog and meet some really wonderful people (you guys) online. In a sense, everything balances out nicely and I have nothing to complain.

Now, here's the show and tell. Are you ready?

The living room
The decoration in this apartment is made of wood and it feels a bit old-fashioned to me.
It's a 1-bedroom apartment but there is a storage room as well.

Tea for two and two for tea :)
I sit there to watch TV, drink some tea, and unwind at the end of the day.

The kitchen is very spacious for me.

The bathroom :)
I always feel like living in a hotel room, thank to this bathroom. It is very pretty!

The view outside my place.
It looks like a forest out there but I very close to the main road.

I am planning to grow some herbs and plant some seeds to have vegetables for spring/summer since I have such a lovely space at the front. My neighbor is Target (no joke!) and I can walk there to check out makeup anytime I want.

To the lovely ladies who added me to their follow lists: first of all, I am very thankful! In the beginning when I checked my stat every fifteen minutes, I did not see a lot of changes at all. Just when I decided to care less, my page count increased! It has been steady recently so at least I know there are people out there who read my blog on the daily basis. Secondly, if any of you want to link me or vice versa, just let me know. I am always interested to read new blogs and more than happy to get to know you.

One more thing: my last giveaway was such a flop! After picking out lucky reader number 14 as the winner, I contacted her via the email address she used to get my feed and guess what? I got no replies! So here's the solution: I have to pick another person as a winner. If you're already in my mailing list, you are fine. If you are not, you can subscribe to my feed via email and be a part of this giveaway. I will pick the winner again this weekend and notify you via email. So please, lucky winner, please reply my email!

Again, the detail of the 2nd giveaway is here, please check it out!

It has been a long blog and I am thankful for your support through emails, subscriptions, and comments. As long as I still find blogging fun, I will continue to do it. And it's more fun with you guys so please subscribe to my feed.

Take care, have a good week, and as always, stay gorgeous!

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