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Happy Hump Day! As much as I love to update everyday, I am up to my neck with work so for now, let's settle for a tri-weekly publication schedule (not "try weakly" or "try weekly", ok?) During the first week or so after the move, my makeup routine was utterly simple: sunscreen and some powder applied by a sponge! I thoroughly enjoyed it, believe it or not, as my brushes were no where to be found. Once I found them, I could not find any eyeshadows to play with except my faithful quad that I pack for my carry on luggage (just in case I travel!) It did take me some time to find them and now I'm glad to apply makeup with brushes and real eyeshadows.

It was during that time that I developed a love for EDM finishing powders, as they were the only ones I could locate inside my tiny train case. Before that, I was not a fan of powder at all because they are quite chalky and can make my face look dull. However, with the ones from EDM, I am quite happy with the result. Also, I do not need to use foundation on the days my skin is well-behaved.

Since I did not order from EDM for about a year, there have been a lot of changes within that company and the formulas are significantly better now. My long time favorite powder called Natural Silk Dust bit the dust (pun intended) shortly after my last order in 2007. I mourned its loss a bit and sworn to use it sparingly...or not! Truth be told, it takes a long time for me to finish a jar of powder, regardless its size. EDM powders turn out to be very economical as a little bit goes a very long way. To replace the silk dust powders, EDM brought some formulas that are new to me such as the regular Start to Finish as well as the other versions with rice powder and oat powder. It was a lot of fun shopping at EDM after a while, to discover new products that eventually became my favorites.

(L-R) Current green container vs. old purple container for the mini size

The current container is thinner than the old version and the logo is etched with regular paint instead of silvery embossed color. I guess it would be more economical that way for EDM to stay afloat and maintain the price. Word on the street has it that EDM is going to nix the mini sizes out of their line up to save space for the full and sample sizes. I feel sad because (a)most products I got from them are in minis, and (b) I would never finish a full size product and I do not want to be wasteful.

Comparison of the new and old containers: the old one has bigger holes to dispense powder faster.

I think I am the only person who really complains about this: the new version has tiny holes that make my life a lot more difficult. To get enough powder, I have to tap really hard and then powder fly out everywhere! The alternative route would be opening the sieve and dispense powder from the jar, which is a risk to waste and spillage.

Although the containers are not as desirable as I wanted, the products are really good. I got 2 powders on my last order and love them both.

(L-R) Natural Reflections Fair and Start to Finish Sunlight

Natural Reflections powder is something I really wanted to try for a while, since Silk Dust bit the dust. Although EDM touted it as Silk Dust's replacement, its oil controlling power is not as good as the previous one. However, NR has an edge over the other powders out there as it has physical sunscreens included in the formula. I got the one in "Fair" as it is the closest shade to my skin. On the days that I do not wish to wear foundation, I apply NR on top of my sunscreen lotion and call it a day. It gives my skin a powdery look without me using foundation, which is a big bonus for me.
Ingredients: Mica, Titanium Dioxide, Zinc Oxide, Iron Oxides. May contain Ultramarines.
My rating: A, could have been A+ if not for the difficult dispenser.

Start to Finish powder is a perfect primer for mineral foundation. As it is a silicone-free powder, Start to Finish powder can last for a very long time without worrying about its perisability. Although it can be used as a primer as well as a finishing powder, I find it to be too heavy to use that way. Instead, I use it only as a primer and with kaolin clay, Start to Finish powder does help my skin from being shiny by noon time. Sunlight is a nice soft yellow color as it gives my skin a more perky and luminous look.
Ingredients: Kaolin clay, Mica, Iron oxides.
My rating: A, it is the primer I've been looking for! If only the dispenser is easier :(

That's all for today, folks! The day that I finish a jar of powder will be a big day for me. I'm counting to it, and how about you? Have you ever finished a jar of finishing powder?

Take care my ladies and stay gorgeous,
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