A MAC Hello Kitty Lipstick and a Cremesheen Lip Glass

Hi ladies,

Recently, I went to the MAC Hello Kitty event and indulged myself with two new lip products from MAC: a HK lipstick in Most Popular and a Cremesheen Glass lipgloss in Fashion Scoop. Walking into MAC counter made me feel ecstatic but at the same time, like a dinosaur as well. The whole makeup embargo thing I did last month really causes me to lose touch with new products and LE collections. MAC, as we all know, churns out LE after LE every 2-3 weeks and it is very hard to keep up with them. Originally, I was interested in only the lipstick but Cremesheen Glass is new and I wanted to try it out. By the way, the Cremesheen lipsticks are amazing: they glide very smoothly and feel like butter on my lips!

The loot: HK lipstick in Most Popular, a pigment sample (Night Fish, I think), and Cremesheen Glass in Fashion Scoop (can you see the typo?)

Hello Kitty Most Popular Lipstick ($14 USD)

Cute LE packaging :)

Cute Hello Kitty ^.^

Really pretty lipstick with a HK face engraved on

"So how does Most Popular look like?" you may ask. To me, it is the lighter version of Clinique Black Honey, my favorite color. It is burgundy red but very wearable. I call it "power color" as I can see myself wearing it on important presentations. Most Popular is a lustre lipstick. However, it does not feel as moist as my other lustre ones but rather matte without any shimmer. I need to apply some gloss to get the shine but in situations that I only need a semi-matte lipstick, it is the one.

My rating: A

Cremesheen Glass Lip gloss in Fashion Scoop ($17.50 USD, holy cow!)
(L-R) Cremesheen Glass in Fashion Scoop and Sugar Trance lipglass from Fafi collection

First of all, Fashion Scoop is very similar in color to Sugar Trance. So if you already have the later one from Fafi collection last year, you can save your money and get something other than Fashion Scoop. Since I love the cremesheen formula in their lipsticks so much, I wanted to try the lipglass version out and boy oh boy, I could have learned to save money by now.

Cremesheen glass is nowhere as awesome as the regular lip glass as it does not shine that much. And don't even compare it with the other $17.50 lip glasses that MAC used to have, this one just simply does not have that much shine! However, if you are looking for something not as goopy as the regular lip glass, this formula is more comfortable to use. The lasting power, however, is weak once the stickiness is decreased.

Since they are very similar in color, Fashion Scoop is going back to where it came from. Also, it is a dollar more expensive than a paint pot so it has to go! (I don't think lip glosses should be that expensive, by the way!)

My rating: B

Some swatches:

Fashion Scoop lip swatch: it's my bare lips but better :)

Most Popular by itself looks like a nice merlot stain

Fashion Scoop on top of Most Popular
I actually love this combo but once I put Sugar Trance on...woa!

That's all for today, ladies! Although I really want to go back to our regular broadcasting schedule, I am really swamped with work! Thesis writing is the pain and it makes me feel...abnormal sometimes :) However, the tough part is over (the introduction) and the fun part is about to begin. I have lots of pictures sitting in my computer so as soon as I am free, they are going to be online soon.

Take care and happy hum day. As always, stay gorgeous!

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