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As I told you last Friday, I went to a Hello Kitty event at the only MAC counter in town. About a month ago, I made a resolution not to spend any money on makeup until the HK collection dropped. And guess what? I kept my promise! Not a dime spent on any new makeup at all! It was tough but also necessary. During my move, I had to sort out my stuff and realized I have a lot of makeup I haven't used in a while. Some were brand new and untouched! Needless to say, I was more than excited to go to the mall and signed for the event.

If you are not aware of it, once in a while when a new LE comes out, MAC stores as well as counters have these events that you can sign up to have a makeover using products from that particular collection you're interested in. It is free to sign up and a MAC makeup artist (MUA) is going to give you a makeover and walk you through the steps he/she is doing. The purpose is to make you interested in the products enough to buy some. You absolutely do not need to tip the MUA but it is nice to buy some products as he/she gets sales commission from MAC. I usually get 2 products (because buying 3 would be more than 50 dollars, which is my buying threshold at the moment.)

The MUA who did my makeup was super nice and did not pressure me to buy anything, which is the first for me when it comes to MAC MUAs. She took her time to do my makeup and was very willing to let me try new things as well as answer my questions. Of course, being a beauty blogger, I have a lot of questions and she answered them accordingly. I got an eye makeup look, which I chose as a part of my makeover, and then she also did my foundation as well as lip look. The whole makeover took about an hour and I got two products from her, one from HK collection and another one from the new Creamsheen one. Today is all about the look and I am going to review the two products later.

Are you ready for Hello Kitty?
Then click "Read More" to find out, ok?

The look was not based on any face charts, she just gave me a cool smokey eyes look. This look is not how I would normally wear smokey eyes. (Mine actually looks more like this.) This look is more feline and I did feel like a cat after she showed me the new eyes look. In the picture, I wore a new foundation called Studio Sculpt which feels like a lotion to me.

Here's the break down on the look:

Eyes: after applying Bare Canvas paint pot as a base, she used the Too Dolly palette on me with the lightest color (Yogurt) all over the lid, the darkest color (Stately Black) on the outer corner (outer-v) of my eyes, the lighter blue (Too Dolly) blended in, and then Yogurt on the inner corner of my eyes.

How the eyes look when they are closed

Details on the eyes
Products used: Too Dolly quad, Penultimate liner, and Pro Lash mascara.

Lips: originally, she applied Strayin' lipstick and a lipglass on my lips but the color was too bright for me. So I went home and applied the new Creamsheen glass lipgloss in Fashion Scoop. It fared out much nicer.

Cheeks: she used Tenderling blush on me, which is very pretty! I love that blush a lot :)

Face: Studio Sculpt in NC25 and a darker blush to contour.

As I mentioned earlier, Studio Sculpt does feel like a lotion on me. However, as all MAC foundations do, the pores on my face looked huge as she did not put the Prep+Prime lotion on me before applying foundation. I was intrigued to learn that my face is reverted back to NC25, which means I am a lot lighter now than a while ago. The last time I used MAC, I was NC30-something and it was about 2 years ago. Then I switched to mineral makeup and totally do not know how dark I am in the MAC scale.

Another look at the FOTD, please pardon my hair!
I think this is the "You don't know zip 'bout me!" look :p

Overally, I was happy with the makeover. The MUA advised me to exfoliate and prasied on my skin. "Your skin is so nice, you don't need a lot of coverage at all!", she said. Now, this is the first for me and I am counting all my blessings so far. I am not known for my nice skin since I hit puberty and zits has become my fateful companion. However, recently I've had fewer and fewer blemishes which means (a) I must have done something right and (b) God finally answered my prayers for a blemish-free skin. And let me tell you this: don't give up on your skin ever! I have tried a lot of things and somehow it worked out for me.

On the other hand, this eyes look is not something I would wear at all. Since my eyes are small, it does not make them any bigger or brighter. However, the eyes do not look so bad in the pictures (thank you, Canon!) It's just not my cup of tea, I guess.

Would I get another makeover again? Probably, but the next time it won't be as bright or bold. I would try a softer look and ask for pigments. This look is not blingy enough for me, I reckon. Also, the texture of MAC eyeshadows has changed. It is no longer as smooth as it used to be but become grainy and God bless MAC's heart, chalky as well! The whole HK collection is quite underwhelming to me as most of the items are similar to previous LEs. This collection reminds me a lot of the Heatherette collection from last March. Compared to its previous cartoon collections (Barbie and Fafi), HK lags pizzazz and fun that the other two had. I just wish once in a while MAC produced some ground-breaking colors like C-shock or Parrot instead of a sleauth of LEs that look so similar to each other. Until then, I guess we can all rediscover their regular products.

Take care and stay gorgeous,
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