E.L.F Elements Custom Compact: Let's Make a Quad

Hello my lovely ladies,

Happy Friday, everyone! Are you excited for the weekend yet? Since this has been a long and productive week for me, I am really looking forward to it. Today I have an appointment at MAC for the Hello Kitty event. I promise to take lots of pictures and share with you on Monday, so please come back on Monday, alright?

Although I've heard of Eyes Lips Face (E.L.F) cosmetics for a while, I did not get a chance to try it simply because my town does not carry that brand in any stores at all! In other places, I've heard that E.L.F can be found at Target or K-Mart but not in T-town. Also, to try to order it from its website is quite a hassle. I've heard stories of how people's orders went missing/were not sent/sent with missing items that arrived after months. Also, the shipping cost is quite high: $7 USD per order! The free shipping only kicks in when the order is $75 USD and beyond, which is ridiculous as most products are priced at a dollar a piece!

With all that said, I did not order anything from E.L.F for a very long time, although Kaolee did suggest it to me once. Also, the thought of applying a one dollar product on my face quite puts me off a bit, although I'm not a snob. Then one day my dear Alienman was so kind to give me a gift code to get stuff from E.L.F on her. Needless to say, I was so happy and got 3 custom compacts for free! So Alienman, thank you for the code girlfriend!

The custom compact in a box
Nothing too fancy!

The compact, taken out of the box
It's white and quite pretty, I have to admit

The compact is a part of E.L.F's customized compact series where you can make a quad of lip glosses, eyeshadows, and blushes at a dollar a piece. With the compact itself, a quad can be packed for $5USD! That's way cheaper than a drugstore lipstick, y'all!

Naturally, I would not even bother with this type of quads since I already have quite a few of my home-made CD palettes myself. However, the CD palettes are not very sturdy to travel and truth be told, do I really want to lug around 12 eye shadows in a CD case for an overnight trip? A quad is more practical when it comes to events like that. Usually, MAC has their pre-packed quads during certain LE collections but being able to pack my quad is a lot of fun.

The opened compact has a mirror and an applicator

My packed quad
(L-R, top-bottom): Warm Chill (from Cool Heat collection), Amber Lights (my go-to color),
Steamy (because I don't want to depot Parrot), and Flashtrack (love this color!)

Yes, you got that right! The E.L.F compact does fit MAC eye shadows. Since it does not have magnets, I attached some magnets to the bottom of my depotted eye shadows and voila, a chic quad for moi!

During the time that my makeup decided to play hide and seek with me, this quad is the only thing I used and did I have fun! Warm Chill and Amber Lights make such a good and simple duo that I keep on coming back for them. Steamy and Flashtrack are fun colors that compliment each other quite nicely. With them together, I do not even miss Parrot at all as the effect is similar.

So there you have it: a budget compact for a quad. I would recommend you to get it only when E.L.F is available for purchase off-line. Purchasing online is not worth it as most of the money is spent on shipping. The compact is sturdy enough to be toted around with you for a trip. Although I did not purchase any of their makeup, I've heard the custom colors are more pigmented than their regular ones.

Have a nice weekend, ladies. And please come back on Monday to see my Hello Kitty-fied makeover from MAC.

Take care and stay gorgeous,
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