What You Should Know About Hair Roller-setting?

You give beauty to your hair only by encouraging it to follow its own natural patterns. Never let a stylist interfere with the natural hair-line on the neck.

The worst thing a hairdresser can do for your hair is to use a razor on it.

Hair must always be cut when it is wet. Don't cut your hair yourself even though it may seem simple enough.

Without a good professional cut, no style will hold its shape. It is worthwhile getting to know one hairdresser and always going to him or her.

Unless you can visit your hairdresser regularly (say, once a week), you need a hair style you can manage well at home.

Ask your hairdresser to tell you a simple way in which you can blow-dry or roller-set your hair. Do invest in a good hair-dryer. It can be a tremendous time-saver.

If your hair style requires roller-setting, make sure you know how to use rollers well. It takes a little time to become proficient at roller-setting. Once this proficiency is achieved, it is very simple to set a style. One basic rule, however, while putting your hair in rollers,-always lift it at right angles to the scalp. This gives the essential lift to your waves, also your set will last much longer.

Do not walk around all day in curlers. As hair dries, it contracts slightly. If the curlers are left on for too long, the hair tends to break with the strain. Also, unless you use artificial heat, it is unlikely that the hair will be bone-dry at the roots even after a couple of hours.

Allow hair to cool before removing your rollers. To make sure your hair is dry, always first remove one roller and check. Remove rollers slowly and carefully, do not tug.

Avoid the use of metal rollers - they become extremely hot under a dryer. This excessive heat damages the hair-ends rolled right next to them. If you use a setting lotion, simply wet your comb in it and comb through each section before you roll-up.

Don't economize on rollers - too much hair on one roller will not set properly.

Secure each roller firmly with a pin.

Start roller-setting from the crown of your head, work down­wards systematically.

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