Simple Eye Exercise for Relaxing Strained and Tired Eyes

* Wherever you happen to be sitting, close your eyes and cup the palms of your hands gently over them. Shut out all the light, but be careful never to press on the eyeballs.
Take a few deep breaths. Think black. Shut out everything from your mind except the idea of black.

* Roll your head without moving the shoulders. This move­ment relaxes the eyes and lessens developing wrinkles due to strain. The fresh flow of blood encouraged by the head roll brings the needed nourishment to the tissues. Strain eases away with only a few minutes of this movement.

* Another useful trick is to close your eyes and think of something pleasant for a few moments. Open your eyes and look into the distance for a few moments. This relaxes the eyes and their surrounding muscles. Focus again, this time on an object at an arm's length.
Repeat this exercise several times a day.

* Raise your eyes diagonally leftwards to the ceiling, and then lower them to the floor.
Repeat the exercise raising your eyes diagonally rightwards. Do it at least seven times.

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