How to Treat Your Hair Falling Problem

Losing seventy to eighty hair daily is quite normal. A greater loss can be due to high fever or ill-health. If you suspect that your hair loss is more than normal, see a doctor. However, anything that makes hair healthy will contribute to its growth.

Check up on your diet - are you taking sufficient proteins and vitamins to keep you healthy? Your hair thrives on protein, so the more protein you eat, the better. See you have plenty of lean meat, poultry, eggs, fish, nuts, and beans.

Also include Vitamin B in your diet. The best source of this is brewer's yeast. Take up to six tablets daily.

Minerals including iron and copper (found in meat and leafy green vegetables) and iodine (of which the best source is sea food), are important for the health of your hair. Iodine helps improve circulation of blood in the scalp.

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