What You Should Know About Going in for Perm? - Hair Perm Tips

For hair that needs body, definite curl, or a hint of curl - the answer lies in perming.

Always go to a salon for a perm if your hair tends to go fluffy or if it is resistant to curl If, however, you are confident of your ability to do your hair at home, you can do it yourself with a perming lotion.

Remember, however, that if your hair is greasy or resists curls, the perming lotion should be left on for a longer time. Brittle and dry hair needs a shorter time for the lotion to take effect. Normal hair needs the suggested perming time. Always make sure that your hair is in good condition before you perm. Bleaching and perming should never go together. Make sure that none of the old perm remains before applying a new one.

If your skin is sensitive, rub cold cream into the skin round the hair-line before you start perming.

Read instructions carefully and always do a skin test.

Divide your hair into even tresses with not too much on each roller.

Follow the natural movement of the hair for best results. Wind hair firmly, but not too tightly on the rollers.

Do not let the tips of your tresses get doubled back.

Also remember not to color your hair for at least a week before or after a perm.

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