Healthy Eyes and Your Beauty

Healthy eyes have a sparkle about them that is quite irresistible.

Like your skin, hair and shining, clear eyes indicate good health. If you suffer ill-health or feel emotionally or physically low, your eyes become dull and strained-looking.

Everybody, at some time or other, complains about eye strain. One of the major causes of eye strain is inadequate lighting. Another is holding a book or paper too close to your eyes while reading. Your material should be held at least ten inches away from the eyes.

A basic requirement for beautiful healthy eyes is a good diet. Do you realize that you can actually starve or feed your eyes? This is just what doctors realized in Belgium right after the First World War, when thousands of peasants in Belgium developed a strange eye malady - night blindness. It was winter time and diets were poor in fresh things. Doctors were stumped, as no medicine or treatment had any effect. However, when spring came and the hungry peasants ate green buds and shoots, their night blindness disappeared.

This was a tremendous victory for nutrition.

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