Tips for the Care of Your Eyes

Other than giving your eyes the right kind of feeding, sleep is also very vital for clear healthy eyes. Sleep is also imperative for mental and physical health. You need at an average at least eight hours of sleep in a day; without it, your eyes become dull, puffy and red. Dark circles also appear.

Eye problems can arise from stomach ailments. Lemon juice in warm water, first thing in the morning, keeps your stomach free from disorders.

A great reviver for tired eyes, if you just don't have time for a nap, is to relax for ten to fifteen minutes with cotton pads soaked in weak warm tea placed on the eyelids.

This rests and brightens the eyes. A variation of this warm tea compress is a compress of witch hazel (witch hazel should be available at most good chemists). Just soak cotton pads in witch hazel and use in the same way.

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