Your Beauty Care and Importance of Water

Water constitutes about seventy per cent of the body's weight, and is essential for the well-being of each individual.

Each cell of the body contains and is surrounded by water. It is also an important part of the blood.

In normal circumstances, our water intake is regulated by the natural mechanism of thirst. You feel thirsty the moment your body has lost two per cent of the water that makes up your body weight.

To keep the body working well, drink at least eight glasses of fluid each day. Make sure that a great deal of it is plain water;

Pure unadulterated water is the best thing for you and, what is more, it quenches thirst one hundred per cent!

People who suffer from kidney complaints should immediately step up their intake of water. Other than being an important part of the body cells and blood, water supplies nutrition to the body cells.

Water carries nutrients dissolved in it to all the cells in the body, and carries waste products away from the cells to the excretory organs.

Unless the body is cleared of all the waste products, it is prone to sickness. Your skin will be the first to reveal an ineffective clearing system. It turns dull, lifeless and blotchy. Pimples and acne can also result.

The kidneys are the clearing house for the body's waste products.

Other than removing waste substances from the body, the kidneys help to regulate the mineral salts in the body and control the water balance.

To keep the kidneys working well, help them out by drinking enough water.

In a country like India, a great number of diseases - cholera, typhoid, jaundice etc., are often transmitted through water. For this reason, it is essential to boil water for drinking.

This precaution is a must during the monsoons when due to heavy rains, the water supply gets polluted.

In hotels and restaurants avoid drinking water. One can never be quite sure of its hygienic condition.

At such places drink soda water or any other soft-drink. Soda water is also a tremendous thirst-quencher.

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