How to Wax Your Face

No woman wants a mustache or a chin full of whiskers! This guide will explain how to remove unwanted whiskers easily and at home-- all for a lot less money than you would have to pay a salon (which means you can do it as often as needed).

Here's How:

1.Purchase wax. Some people find that the hard wax (Surgi-Wax) is easier to use, while others prefer the soft wax used in combination with muslin strips. Experiment to see what works for you.

2.Heat wax if the directions indicate you should do so.

3.Apply the wax in the direction the hair is growing in.

4.Press the muslin strips onto the wax (if applicable)

5.Allow wax to harden adequately.

6.Pull up a small section of wax opposite to where you started (see tips and next step)

7.Hold skin taut and pull the wax or strip backwards, against the way the hair grows (see tips)

8.Apply any ointments, soothing lotions, or other included items to the spot as directed.

Tips :
- When applying the wax, you want to apply it the direction the hair is growing. Imagine that your chin is a cat and picture which way the fur is going: you want to go WITH the 'fur', from head to tail.

- When pulling the wax off, you should pull it the opposite direction than that which you applied it. If you applied the wax from the foremost part of your chin towards your neck, pull it from your neck out and away from you.

- Hard/Surgi-wax is a little harder to use but achieves a more professional look. Also, thicker, coarser hairs may not come off with soft wax and muslin strips.

- Always follow the instructions that come with the wax; every brand is different.

*DON'T overheat the wax. if you do get it too hot, let it cool until it's the right creamy consistency. You may get burned very badly if it's too hot-- and then you have to further irritate the area by pulling the wax of.

*Be extra vigilant when doing brows. Hard wax especially can drip onto more of your brow than you want gone, or worse: your eyelashes. Please be very careful.

*Always do a patch test if you've never waxed before or if you're trying a new brand of wax that has a strong scent. You might develop an allergy on already irritated skin.


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