Pregnancy and Beauty Care

There me some lucky women who just sail through the nine months of pregnancy feeling marvelous and literally glowing with all the traditional radiance associated with it. Their skin clears up, eyes glow, hair shines and becomes thicker and glossier than usual.

The not-so-fortunate ones have a hard time, especially in the first three months when hormonal changes in the body are at their greatest. They feel sick most of the time, their skin erupts into spots and their hair gets lank and difficult.

A lot depends on a woman's attitude towards pregnancy in general.

Develop a positive attitude, relax, look after yourself well, and you will automatically start feeling much better.

In normal cases, a woman should consult her doctor in about the eighth week of pregnancy. A straightforward and easy birth is more likely if the mother has regular medical check-ups throughout pregnancy, for a doctor can avert any complication if warning signs are detected in time.

During pregnancy, a woman's nutritional needs are at their highest. However, she should guard against overeating and putting on too much weight. It is better for a mother-to-be to eat protein foods such as meat and fish, instead of starchy carbohydrates.

Forget the old saying about "eating for two" - if you overeat, it is you, and not the baby, who will get fat. And you just do not need extra fat when you're carrying your baby.

To keep a check on who's putting on weight - your baby or you, keep a measurement of your upper thigh. Throughout your pregnancy, this measurement should remain more or less constant. At the same time, remember that this is certainly not the time to go on crash diets or diet fads. If you find that you're putting on too much weight consult your doctor - he will be able to give you the necessary advice.

It is essential to take extra iron and calcium during pregnancy. Step up your intake of foods such as eggs, fruits, green vegetables cheese, milk and curd.

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