Dead Sea Nail Kits

Dead Sea Nail Kits
These nail kits from the Dead Sea are the same thing you've seen at the mall for over $50! They give your nails an amazing shine and healthy look in under 5 minutes! Our nail kits are the top of the line, but you pay less because we don't have to pay the high mall rent! Even the before and after nail picture does not do justice to how great these kits will make your nails look. Our nail kits make for great gifts and stocking stuffers.

Each nail kit comes complete with:
Professional Nail File - to file the nails to perfect shape
Unique Nail Buffer - Incredible Shine and Stronger Nails
Moisturizing Cuticle Oil - hydrates skin for soft, neat cuticles
Dead Sea Hand and Body Lotion - 4 Great Scents Available
The nail kit includes a professional nail file, an amazing Dead Sea nail buffer, a bottle of moisturizing cuticle oil and a Dead Sea hand and body lotion.

Before you use anything from the nail kits, make sure you're working on a clean slate - your nails are free of polish, and your hands are clean and dry. You may also want to trim any excess length from your nails. Start by using the nail file from the kit to shape your nails. File your nails from the corner to the center, in one direction only, to ensure your nails do not brittle, as tends to happen when you file them back and forth. When you've achieved the shape you want for all your nails, continue on to the nail buffer.

The nail kit contains the legendary Dead Sea nail buffer, which has 4 sides, 2 of which are identical (the dark gray strips). When using the buffer, you want to hold it with a firm grip. Buff in a back and forth motion for 10-15 seconds each side, for each nail.

1. Begin by using the dark gray strip. This side resurfaces your nail, removing it of its natural ridges and making it smooth.
2. Next use the white strip to remove the nail's dust from the previous step and any other minor scratches that remain. This step is essential to achieving that ultimate shine in the next step, so buff, buff, buff.
3. And the last step on the buffer is using the light grey strip to buff your nails to an amazing shine.

Before you go show everyone your new shiny nails, achieved with the nail kit, place a drop of the Dead Sea cuticle oil on each cuticle, and rub it in one by one. As the oil absorbs, push back the cuticles gently and further massage the oil in. Then moisturize your hands and arms with the Dead Sea hand and body lotion to keep your skin soft and supple for the whole day.

Use the cuticle oil and lotion every day, and buff your nails as often as is required. Your nails will look like a professional manicure with this kit, without nail polish and it's definitely cheaper and much quicker than getting regular manicures!


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